A Spell for Physical body change

Is there anything about your body you wish you could change? It could be a crooked nose, skin color, hair texture, nails or anything. Body change spells are used to alter the shape of your body  into what you want..  Although, the result of this kind of spell usually takes weeks, or months to manifest and that is why the spell caster must be patient.

Body change spells are used to increase sex appeal and manipulate the physical attractiveness of the individual. For this kind of  spell, you can work with the power of Oshun or  Aphrodite

Below, I have shared examples of simple physical body change spells that can be performed with few items.

Spell 1

Items Needed:

  • Small piece of paper
  • Pen
  • Quartz crystal
  • Some string


In this spell, the power of the crystal would be used to make changes on an inner level and to bring healing and transformation to the physical body. This spell is best done on a New Moon night.


On the piece of paper, write your name on it and draw that part of the body you want to change.

Also, draw what you would like the new part to look like.

If your intention is to change more than one area, draw the whole body and mark the area you would want to change.

Hold the paper in your hands and visualize the transformation of your body part into your desired outcome.

Fold the paper up and tie it to the crystal. Continue with the visualization process.

When you feel your requests have been heard and granted, untie the string, tear the paper up and blow it to the wind.

Bury the crystal to signify that you have internalized the changes made.

At the end of this spell, have faith and be patient. The results will come sooner than you expected.


Spell 2: 

Time: You can perform this spell between  10 pm to 11 pm


Draw or get a picture of the person you want to be like. You can also imagine this in your head.

While imagining turning into the person, say the following:

“Gods and Goddesses, please transform my body into that of …..(mention the name of the person )

Let me get her (mention the part you want. It could be her nose, legs, strength, good heart, etc.)

When I wake up let my soul and body turn into his/hers

So mote it be.”


Now go to sleep believing that your transformation would take place. If you are exercising or on a diet, stick to it and with the help of these spells, you will get the results as soon as possible.


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