Did you know that you can perform magic with a knotted ribbon, cord, string or anything? In the world of magic, everything is symbolic even a simple knot. Knot magic has been in existence for many centuries and can be used to get rid of illness, a bad situation or a troublesome person from you.  The knot serves as a representation of the problem in a tangled form. It also works on the principle of binding the problem to the cord.

Below are examples of some knot magic spells that you can perform.


For this spell we will be working with the number six (6). This number is widely accepted as the number of the Sun, which is restorative and regenerative.

 Items Needed:

  • 8-inch length of cord
  • Pencil and paper
  • Container of salt



  • Mark the cord six times at equidistant points.
  • Take a few deep breaths and visualize as your energy connects to the Earth.
  • Say the following words six times and tie a knot in the cord each time:


Sickness, no one bids you stay.

It’s time for you to fade away.

Through these knots I bid you leave,

By these words which I do weave.


  • Place the cord into the container of salt. This is a symbolic way of burying your sickness in the Earth.
  • Create a seal for the container with the above incantation written on the paper.
  • Throw away the container, perhaps in running water.


Spell 2

Knot Spell To Clear Evil Curse or Intent

When someone dislikes you, he/she might decide to direct unhelpful energy towards you just to make you sick. Such energy could be the reason why you have been experiencing bad luck and disappointments. If you found yourself in such a condition, what would you do?

First, you can start by confessing positively irrespective of the situation. Positive words have a particular force that sweeps away negativity from your space. Secondly, you can perform the spell below to turn the bad energy back to the perpetrator.


Items Needed:

  • Length of string
  • Bottle


  • Tie a knot in the string.
  • Place it in the bottle.
  • Bury the bottle in the earth.
  • Dig it up after three days.
  • Put the bottle on the floor or ground and say:


A curse on me you buried deep

To make me sick, you nasty creep.

I placed a knot into this twine

And so your work was worked in vain.


  • To undo the original curse, break the bottle and carefully pick up the string.
  • Undo the knot and dispose of the bottle remains in a safe place.
  • Burn the cord and blow the ashes in the wind.

This spell guards your well being. When you perform it meditatively, through the power of the spell, the curse is transferred to the string which is then disposed by burning.


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