Good Health Spells

Are you feeling sick? Do you lack energy? Have you been on a medication for so long with no signs of improvement? It is possible that those medications make the problem worse. There are different spells that you can perform to facilitate your healing process.

Health spells are serious spells that shouldn’t be joked with since you would be dealing with people’s health. We have the positive health spells; those which bring healing and the negative health spells; those which are meant to take away the cause of the sickness. 

The first step to take before performing any good health spell is to believe that you can be healed through the power of the spell. You can start the healing process with healing affirmations like:

I am joy and health, I am power.

Every day, I am closer and closer to being healthy.

As moon is waning, this disease is waning too.

I am joy and health, I am power.


Good Health Spell with Bay Leaves

Bay  leaves, also known as bay laurel, are among my favorite herbs. These leaves possess great magical power and can be used for numerous purposes; healing, banishing, cleansing, protection, to increase psychic ability, etc.

The burning  of these leaves create a connection between you and the spirit world. In this spell, we shall work with bay leaves to fulfil a range of desires, bring happiness and good health.

Perfect time: New Moon

Items Needed:

  • 3 Bay Leaves
  • Piece of Paper
  • Pencil or Pen


  • On the night of a New Moon, write down your wishes on a piece of paper. For example; if you want to be healed, write down your name on the paper and cross it with your healing petition.
  • Visualize that your wishes are coming true.
  • Fold the paper into thirds and place the three bay leaves inside.
  • Since this is an attraction spell, fold the paper towards you and visualize that your wishes are coming true.
  • Fold the paper into thirds a second time to form an envelope.
  • Keep the envelope in a hidden dark place and when your wishes have come true, burn the paper as a mark of gratitude.


When writing down your petition, try to be as specific as possible. You can also add the envelope to your mojo or talisman bag to add more power to the charm.


Spell 2:

This is a simple spell that can be used to dispel illness and attract positive energy.

Items Needed:

  • Blue candle
  • Voice


Light the candle and say:


I am healthy no matter what,

Germs don’t stand a chance,

All of my illnesses are gone,

Enchant me with this spell

So mote it be!”


Then blow out the candle.


Kindly note that healing with the help of magic does not replace medical treatment. However, it can be used to remove any block preventing the body from healing fast. In cases where black magic is the cause of disharmony in the body, healing spells can be used to reverse the effects of the black magic.


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