Spells to Enhance Virility and Fertility

Sex is one of the greatest gifts in life. Everyday, due to stress, depression, physical, and mental health problem, a man’s virility and erectile function might be affected. Virility refers to any of a wide range of masculine characteristics viewed positively.

In the realm of magic, there are different spells that can be performed to enhance a man’s virility, and we shall look at some of them in this article.

Voodoo Virility Doll Spell

Voodoo virility dolls are dolls created for enhancing relationships, sex, and passion. You can create or purchase a virility doll to represent your target. To perform this spell, get the following items:

  • Voodoo Virility Doll
  • Magnetic sand
  • A piece of red flannel
  • Small piece of parchment paper
  • Glass of milk
  • Honey
  • Sinew or string
  • Mojo blend


  • On the piece of parchment paper, write down the name of your beloved. If you have more than one target simply write “women” or “virility” or “sex”.
  • Sprinkle some of the magnetic sand on the paper.
  • Attach the paper to your voodoo doll with the red pin like a name tag. You can pin it close to the heart of the doll, if you want love but if you want sex or passion, pin it close to the penis.
  • Add three teaspoons of honey into the glass of milk and stir it up.
  • Raise the glass of milk and chant the following lines:

I command you, I compel you.

I command you, I compel you.

I hold you near me for love (or sex). 

I command you, I compel you.

I command you, I compel you.

Hear my voice!

I command you, I compel you.

I am hard as a rock!

I will be with you

This very instant, this very minute, this very hour!

  • When you are done, drink the milk and honey slowly.
  • Repeat this spell for three consecutive days.
  • On the third day, place the mojo blend at the center of the red flannel then sprinkle the remaining magnetic sand on it.
  • Tie it up in a bundle using the piece of sinew.
  • Take this bundle up in your hand and say some words to charge it.
  • When you are done, carry it with you to charge your virility.
  • Also, whenever you desire sex, you can carry the doll’s shirt up.

Spell to Enhance Fertility

Have you been called barren due to your inability to conceive a baby? Have you tried different methods of conception but none worked for you? If yes, it is time to try a spell.

For this spell, you will need the following items:

  • 1 Avocado
  • 1 egg
  • twine or rope


  • Look for a garden or yard where you can a dig a hole that is large enough to bury the avocado.
  • Cut the avocado in half using a knife.
  • Remove the avocado seed but do not discard.
  • Carefully crack the egg and remove the yolk. Ensure that you don’t break the yolk.
  • Place the yolk in the center of one half of the avocado then place the other half on top and tie both halves with a small rope or twine to secure it in place.
  • This method symbolizes the filling of your empty womb(avocado) with a life (the egg).
  • Meditate on conceiving a baby.
  • Place the avocado in the hole and bury it.

At this point, the spell is cast. You can go ahead and make love with your partner and if you have faith in your heart, you will conceive a child.

To summarize this article, I would like to mention some herbs for overall sexual performance.

For everyone

Damiana …….increases sexual dsesire.

Guarana….. is believed to boost energy

Maca…..is considered a sex drive enhancer.

Specifically for males

Ginseng….is believed to improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Catuaba…..is considered an aphrodisiac and may also help in treating erectile dysfunction.

Lycium……increases testosterone levels and can be used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Specifically for females

Ginkgo biloba…increases your sex drive, as well as boost brain power and energy.

Ashwagandha…. regulates sex hormones and improves libido and stamina.

While performing the spells, also know that exercising, eating good diet and taking supplements are all effective ways to increase your sexual strength and fertility rate. Don’t neglect any one of these.

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