Dealing with court cases can be so hectic coupled with the nervous feeling that goes with it. You will be bothered about the judge’s verdict, and of course, you would want it to be in your favour. There are several kinds of court case spells that can be used to stay out of jail, release someone from jail, and put another individual in jail. These spells enhance your testimony, silence any witness that is against you and confuse the attorneys.  In short, there are court spells to suit any and every occasion.


Before we look at the different court case spells, here are some herbs commonly used when performing court case spells:

  • Calendula (Marigold) Flowers – Promote legal victory and self-respect.
  • Black Poppy seeds – To cause confusion amongst your adversaries.
  • Deer’s tongue – For eloquence in your attorney.
  • Slippery Elm – Against gossip, lies and those trying to slander you in court
  • High John the Conqueror – For personal power and mastery.
  • Galangal (Little John) – also known as “court case” root and should be carried or chewed whenever you go to court.
  • Solomon’s Seal – For judge’s wisdom (especially when you are wrongly accused)


Court Case Oil Recipe

Items Needed:

  • Oil of Frankincense
  • Oil of Carnation
  • Oil of Cinnamon
  • Oil of Calendula
  • Piece of Devil’s Shoestring
  • Galangal Root

In a container of your choice, blend the above oils in a carrier oil then add a piece of Devil’s Shoestring and a piece of galangal root to the mixture.


How to Use the Oil:

  • Add few drops of this oil to your bath for three days before the court date.
  • Also, anoint your arms, throat, chest with this oil on the day of the case.
  • Before signing any document, place a few drops on your hands and rub together briskly.  

Psalms to Work with for Court Cases:

Psalm 7, 22 and 35

Preferred Candle Color

  • Brown for victory.
  • Purple for power for over opposing parties.

Spell to Release a Prisoner.

To set a prisoner free, on the day of the court case, write the judge’s name three times, the prisoner’s name, three times, and the attorney’s name three times. Fold this paper into a small piece and ask the prisoner to wear it in his shoe.

Pour three drops each of rose geranium oil, lavender oil, and verbena oil into one half ounce Club Soda. Shake the mixture thoroughly then give it to the prisoner. He should use seven to nine drops to dress himself. He can rub it on his hand, from his face down his whole front. Also, dress the prisoner’s clothes with seven to nine drops of the oil.

Go to the court room before the hearing and dress the jury box, and judge’s stand with nine drops each. When you do this, the court will rule in your favor.

Spell for Justice:

  • Go to a cemetery and look for the graves of nine children. With your right hand gather dirt from these graves and put the dirt in a white bowl.
  • Place the bowl on your altar between three white candles while facing east.
  • Light the candles.
  • Add three teaspoons each of sugar and Sulphur to the graveyard dirt.
  • Read Psalm 35 and ask the spirits to come help you.


Going further, buy a new pair of underclothes and a tan pair of socks. Turn these items inside out and dress them with the graveyard dirt. Keep the clothing on your altar until the day of the court hearing.

Read Psalm 35 daily until the court date. On the D day, turn the underclothes to the right side and wear them. Turn the left sock inside out and wear it too. Go to the court in this attire and all your wishes will be granted.


Silence Opposing Witnesses

Items Needed:

  • beef tongue,
  • nine pins,
  • nine needles
  • red pepper
  • beef gall



  • Split the beef tongue.
  • Write the names of those against you on a parchment.
  • Cut the names out and cross them up in slit of tongue with red pepper and beef gall.
  • Pin the slit up with crossed needles and pins.
  • Hang the tongue in a chimney with the tip up.
  • Smoke the tongue for thirty-six hours.
  • Take it down and put it in ice.
  • Strick three black candles in the ice and light them.
  • Read Psalm 22 and 35 if the case is for murder.
  • Call upon the spirits to assist you.

I would like to share  another root doctor formula taken from  Zora Neale Hurston’s Mules and Men.


  • On a piece of parchment paper, write down the names of your opponent’s, lawyer, witness and judge. 
  • Buy a beef tongue and split it from the base toward the tip, seperating the top from the bottom. 
  • Place the paper into the split tongue.
  • Add eighteen pods of hot pepper and pin it through with pins and needles. 
  • Place the beef tongue into a tin bucket that contains vinegar. 
  • Keep it on ice until the day of the court case. 
  • On that day, pour kerosene in the bucket and burn it. 
  • Go to the court with a relaxed mind because your opponents will destroy themselves in court.



Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook By Denise Alvarado 

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