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Are you a businessman who would like to attract customers to your shop using spells? If yes, then there are several business spells that you can cast. The reason why you should cast these spells is that it would not only attract customers to you but would also guide you on how to build and run your business.

Spell 1

Spell to Ensure Smooth Business Affairs

Cast this spell on the first day of the new moon every month. It would help you to run your business affairs smoothly.

Items Needed:

  • Some fresh basil leaves
  • Dried ears of corn
  • Some grains of rice
  • A bowl of spring water
  • A crystal of citrine
  • Mint leaves


Start this ritual by soaking the basil leaves in water. Leave it for about one hour then stir in a clockwise direction occasionally.

Consecrate the herbal water and while at your office or workplace, visualize that everything about your business would run smoothly. Starting from the east, walk around the circle and sprinkle the consecrated water as you move.

You can recite these lines three times:


May business prosper,

May my dealings flow,

May my business be successful,

May my business grow.


After the third time say,


‘And let it be done, that it harm no one.’

The next step is to offer the citrine to the four elements. Also offer the corn, mint, and rice. At this point, you can end the ritual in the usual way.

You can place the citrine in the drawer where you keep your checkbook and sprinkle rice and corn in areas that it wouldn’t be noticed easily.

The mint leaves should be kept in your wallet and whenever they get dried, you can repeat this spell and replace with fresh ones.

Spell 2:

This second spell is best cast for a brand-new business. The aim of this spell is to get things off on the right foot and remove any evil eye that might want to crumble the business.

You can perform this spell on a Thursday.

Items Needed:

  • A green candle
  • 6 sprigs or leaves of dill, basil and pine (fresh if possible)
  • 6 pieces of tiger eye
  • Green cloth
  • Heavy black marker or paint


  • Spread out the green clothe then draw a large circle on it using the marker.
  • Place the tiger eye pieces evenly around the circle.
  • At the center, draw the dollar sign or whatever currency you use.
  • Set your candle over the currency symbol than light it.
  • At this point, meditate on what you want your business to be like. Focus your thoughts on the growth of your business. Set a basil leaf on each of the pieces of tiger eye, and recite the following lines:



Hard Work





Say one word for each of the points on your circle then place a pine needle on each of the points. Repeat the words and after that do the same with the sprig of dill.

When you are done with that step, shout aloud:

With this spell, I launch [the name of your new business].

May this project be blessed with success.

Allow the candles to burn out then leave the stones and herbs for one week. After this time, pack up the corners of the cloth and let all the items fall to the center.

Knot the top and place this package in a significant position at your business location. You can put it in your drawer, shop counter or anywhere of your choice.


Ultimate Encyclopedia of Spells

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