Job Spell to Cast on a Waning Moon

Are you a job seeker? Do you believe in the power of the Moon? If yes, then the Waning Moon is the perfect time to cast a spell for a job. The first part of the spell is performed during this moon phase and completed on the night before the new moon appears.

This spell works with the power of the dark moon that is used to banish every obstacle that might be holding you back from getting your dream job.

The second part is performed on the night of the new moon as that is the perfect time to welcome new beginnings. Although you can pick any time of the day for this spell, it is more advisable to perform it around 9 pm in the evening.

Items Needed:

  • One large black candle
  • A bolline or burin
  • Two pieces of parchment
  • An ink pen
  • A green candle
  • A banishing essential oil, such as yarrow or one bought from a specialist shop.
  • Bergamot or another essential oil that draws money or success
  • A yellow candle (or any color associated with your favorite deity)


On the black candle, write down the things that are holding you back from getting a job. Also, write down these things on a parchment paper.

Dress the candles with the banishing oil then light it every night for the next nine nights. Make sure you time it in such a way that it burns out completely on the ninth night.

During those nights, focus on the flame and visualize all obstacles disappearing into the flames.  On the last night, burn the parchment and when the ashes cool, take them outside and blow them into the wind. As you watch them disappear, imagine that every limitation has gone.


Part Two

For this stage, focus on the job that you want. Inscribe your desires on the green candle and write them on the other parchment. Anoint the candle with the drawing oil.  At the same time and for the next four nights, light the candle and while watching the flames, visualize that you have gotten your desired job. Also, imagine that all your desires have been granted.


On the fourth night, light the candle at the same time then burn the second piece of parchment. Do this while meditating on your intention.  At the end of the ritual, you can extinguish the candle with your thumb.


Place the ashes and candle stub in a box and store it in a safe place. Meanwhile, on the night after the green candle has been extinguished, light the third candle as a gesture of thanks to your deities.  You can still say any word that comes to your heart then conclude the ritual the words: 


And let it be done, that it harm no one”.


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