Spells to Keep a Lover Faithful

Have you found a very sweet love?  A love that you wouldn’t exchange for gold? I understand how it feels when you meet that special one but one thing that can mar the sweet love story is infidelity. Yes! Everyone has a tendency to cheat.

There are different reasons why your partner might cheat on you but guess what? You have the power to prevent your man from desiring another woman. All you have to do is to cast the following spells and he will be stuck to you alone for the rest of his life.

Spells to Keep a Lover Faithful

Spell 1

Items Needed:

  • Some wide red ribbon
  • A large envelope (white if possible)
  • Your freshly washed underwear and that of your partner.
  • Two nutmegs
  • A pair of your underwear
  • A pair of your partner’s underwear
  • A bolline or burin

Procedures :

Write your name on one of the nutmegs and your partner’s name on the other. After doing that, bind them together with the ribbon and as you do so, say these or similar words:

As I bind these fruits of tree

Lover, never stray from me.

And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Wrap the nutmeg in both pairs of underwear and put them in the envelope.

The next step is to slip this under his or her side of the bed. (If you put it under the pillow, they would almost certainly feel it and wonder what you’ve been up to!) But when they are away, you can remove it and put it under your pillow.

Spell 2

  • 2 red candles
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 white
  • 1 bowl of coarse salt
  • 1 picture of you
  • 1 black
  • incense
  • A picture of you and your partner together
  • 1 sheet of paper on which you write your two names.


Light the 2 red candles and incense. Turn to the east, spreading the smoke of incense and say,

I invoke the presence of the Sylphids, the creatures of the air, so that they help me to keep the love of my lover” 

Turn head south, taking the lighted white candle and carrying it over your head, say:

I invoke the presence of Salamanders. The creatures of the fire, so that they help me to keep the love of my lover “.

Turn to the west, dipping your fingers in the water of the bowl and spreading a few drops around you, saying,

 “I invoke the presence of the undines, the creatures of the water, so that they ‘help to keep the love of my lover’.

Finally turn to the North, stretch the dish of salt above your head and then spread some grains on the ground and say:

“I invoke the presence of Gnomes who live under the ground, so that they ‘help, to keep the love of my lover ‘. 

Take the picture (or paper with your two names) in your hands and lift it over your head, saying,

By the power of the living elements and creatures, I want our love to continue to satisfy us and to fill us with joy. So be it ! “

At this stage, turn off the two candles and let the incense burn. Place the salt cup in a dark place and beneath it, place the photo or paper. Pour out the water. While your partner’s photo remains under the dish of salt, you can be assured that he/she will never cheat on you.


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