6 Hoodoo Powder Spells You Should Try

The use of powders can be traced to the ancient African tradition of foot tracking. In those days, it was believed that a person could be influenced after stepping his/her foot on certain substances. The feet were known to absorb magical energy which is spread to other parts of the body thus manifesting the desired intention.

For example; if your intention is to attract a lover then you can spread a Come to Me Powder along your target’s path then after he has walked on it, the powder would be absorbed into his feet and from there it travels to his heart. The result would be that he would start loving you and may want to marry you.

There are many other rituals that can be performed using a hoodoo magical powder and in this article, we shall look at some examples.

Money drawing powder ritual:

This is a very simple ritual that can be performed every Thursday to attract money. On every Thursday, dress a green candle with the money powder and place 3 to 5 pyrite stones around the candle. You should also draw a money sigil on the candle and make sure to light this candle at the same time every week. You can redress the candle if needed.

Love drawing powder:

Light a red candle and get a freshly cut rose.  Dust it with a love drawing powder then float the rose in a bowl of water containing a pinch of salt and few rose quartz. After the candle has burned completely, remove the petals from the rose and add them to the water. Allow the water to sit for a day then strain. Ensure that you collect only the water and put it into a little jar. Store this jar under your bed or you can keep it beside your mirror.

Luck drawing powder:

Get a sachet then pour this powder into it along with a piece of amethyst, jasper, and aventurine.

Keep this sachet outside in the sun for a day to charge. On the same day and at the same time, each week, light some incense then waft the sachet occasionally through the smoke.

You can carry this sachet with you everywhere you go or keep it by your desk.

Banishing powder: Get a picture of a person that you would like to banish from your life. If you don’t have a picture, you can write the person’s name down on a piece of paper.

Fold this paper into half then add a little banishing powder in the crease, then fold again.

Get a needle and black thread then pierce the paper at the middle once and craft out a little package using the black thread.

Wrap around each edge ensuring that it doesn’t get untied. After that, put the paper into a bowl of water then place it at the back of your freezer.

Success powder: 

Get a yellow candle then dress it with success powder and light. In front of the candle, place the Six of Wands and Eight of Wands side by side.

As the candle wax melts, add a strand of your hair then make a wish for anything.

Close your eyes during this process and blow out the candle after you have made your wish.

Protecting your house with Cascarilla powder:

Take a pinch of Cascarilla powder then call on any of your gods or goddesses. Ask that they bless your home with a radiant light that brings peace.

After making your prayers, blow the powder into the air. Repeat this process in all the rooms and do not forget the blind spots in the home. Another method you can use is to create a circle around your house using the Cascarilla powder.

This would require a lot of powder though but it is very effective. For personal protection, place some of this powder in your hands and powder your head from face to the back of your head. Do this every morning for seven days or more. 

Alternatively, you can place the Cascarilla powder in a vial and take it along with you for protection. You can use this powder to empower your talismans and amulets. Just take a pinch of it and blow it over the object while meditating on your intention.

There are many more rituals that can be performed using magical powders. Do you know that blowing powders towards the cardinal directions can help you to invoke magic? Just get a powder that suits your intention then blow it towards the North, the South, West and East. Recite your prayers then believe that your desires would be granted. I guess that is very simple but also very effective.

Recommended Items:

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Money Drawing powder incense

1 3/4 ozC ome to Me (Ven A Mi)

aromatic jar


Crown of Success oil- 1oz


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