Recipes: How to Prepare Different Hoodoo Powders

In New Orleans, the term gris gris is used to describe any mixture or concoction used for practicing magic. It can be a combination of powdered minerals, graveyard dirt, herbs, roots, etc.

The use of powders in hoodoo is a common practice. They can be used in spells, charms, mojo bags, dressing wallets, job applications, business cards and in foot track magick.

In this article, we shall look at different items that are used in making Hoodoo powders and the different magical power contained in these powders.

Wild West Powder (Banishing)
Best time to make this powder is during the Waning moon.

·Black pepper
·Onion powder
·Cayenne pepper
·Chili oil (a few drops)

Note: Please wash your hands thoroughly after handling this powder!

Product Recommendation:

1 3/4 oz Come To Me powder incense

1 Lb All Purpose powder incense

Hot Foot Powder

·Chili powder
·Red pepper
·Black pepper

Mix in a base of rice flour or corn starch.

Jinx Removing Powder

Grind herbs and add to a base of rice flour or corn starch.

Money Drawing Powder


Grind herbs and add to a base of rice flour or corn starch.

Product Recommendation:

Money Drawing powder incense 1 3/4 oz

Algier’s Powder
Used to attract love by dusting the body or gris gris.

·Orris root
·Vanilla Oil

Grind herbs and add to a base of rice flour or corn starch. Mix in a few drops of Vanilla oil.

Algier’s Fast Luck Powder
This powder is used when you need luck in a hurry.

·Wintergreen oil

Grind herbs and add to a base of rice flour or corn starch. Mix in a few drops of Wintergreen oil.


Fast Luck powder incense 1 3/4 oz

Fast Luck ritual powder

Fast Luck oil – 1oz

Aunt Sally’s Dream Powder

Make some of this to have prophetic dreams. Sprinkle on your sheets before going to bed.



Grind herbs and add to a base of rice flour or corn starch.

Blessings Powder
·Magnetic sand

Grind herbs, add magnetic sand, and add to a base of rice flour or corn starch.

Lucky Duck Powder
Best time to make this powder is during a Waxing moon.

·Star anise
·High John
·Bay leaves
·Orange peel
·Chamomile oil (a few drops)

Egyptian Kyphi

  • ·Begin by blending equal parts of dried ground acacia, henna, and juniper.
  • ·Soak the resulting powder in wine.
  • ·In a separate container soak golden raisins in wine.
  • ·Allow this soaking process to continue for seven days.
  • ·Take equal parts cardamom, sweet flag/calamus, cinnamon, peppermint, bay leaves, galangal, and orris root.
  • ·Grind each one separately then blend and grind again into a fine powder.
  • ·Add a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of myrrh resin to the spice mixture.
  • ·Drain the herbs and raisins soaking in wine and add them to the honey/myrrh/spice mixture.
  • ·Add sufficient wine to steep the combined materials, plus terebinth and raisins to form a thick paste.
  • ·Use this or dry it, cut into squares, and burn as incense.

Controlling Powder
Corn starch, saltpeter, Epsom salts

Drawing Powder
·Corn meal
·Magnetic sand
·Confectioner’s sugar

Add to a base of rice flour or corn starch.

Product Recommendation:

Money Drawing powder incense 1 3/4 oz

Goofer Dust
Goofer Dust is used to cause serious trouble, harm, or kill an enemy. It can be used for its protective properties. I wouldn’t advise you to use goofer dust and I have included it here only for its folkloric value.

Basic goofer dust contains:
·Graveyard dirt
·Black salt
·Ground sulfur

Snake skin

·Magnetic sand
·Dried pigeon shit

You can add other particular items such as ground insects, powdered bones, or black pepper to enhance its effects.

Graveyard Dust
You can gather dirt from nine separate graveyards with a child’s grave for good work but if you intend to practice bad work then you can gather dirt from a criminal’s grave.

Moolah Powder (Money Drawing)
Best time to make this powder is on a Full moon, Thursday.

·Lavender oil (a few drops)

Product Recommendation

Fast Luck powder incense 1 3/4 oz

Dragons Blood powder incense 1 3/4 oz

Cascarilla Powder
This is a powdered eggshell: the only ingredient is eggshell. Cascarilla Powder can be either white or brown:

White Cascarilla Powder
·Clean the eggshells and let them dry out.
·Crumble the pieces and place them in a mortar and pestle.
·Grind these into a fine powder.

Brown Cascarilla Powder
·Clean the eggshells.
·Break up the shells so that the pieces lie flat.
·Toast these pieces in a low, slow oven until the shells turn brown.
·Grind these to a fine powder.

Aphrodite Powder (Love Drawing)
·Dried apple skins
·Dried pomegranate seeds
·Cocoa powder
·Dried hibiscus flower
·Dried rose petals
·Passionflower oil (a few drops)
·Best time to make this powder: New Moon

Pyramid Powder (Success)
Best time to make this powder: Waxing moon
·High John
·Lemon balm
·Mustard seed
·Sandalwood oil (a few drops)

List of Modern Powders Available

Banishing Powder———Use it to remove unwanted people or situations from your life.
Bewitching Powder—————Used for love spells.
Crown of Success Sachet Powder——-Serves as a magic formula to attract success, luck, wealth etc..
Kiss me now! Sachet Powder————You can use this to increase the love and intimacy in marriage.
Protection from Harm Powder ——— Designed to protect your home, ritual space and family from negative invasion.
Jinx Removing Powder—————–Can be used to break hexes.
Come to Me Powder—————-Useful for love spells..
Dragon Blood Powder————-You can use it to strengthen and enlighten your magical works..
Black cat incense powder———Useful for invoking spirits and powers to help you overcome your enemies and problems..
Adam and Eve Incense Powder————–You can use it for your love spells.
Lucky Mystic Powder————————-To bring prophetic dreams and increase your psychic ability.
Mount Powder——————————to give you more physical strength and vitality. You can rub it on your arms and legs.
Musk Love Powder————————-Gives confidence to the shy, and strength to the weak. You can also use it to attract gay partners.
Obitsu Powder——————————- Used for uncrossing hexes and for protection.
Quitting Powder—————-Use this powder to keep unwanted people away from your life.
Red Rose Powder—————–Can be used to prevent hatred and jealousy.
Separation Powder-————–You can use this powder to break a couple or business associates.
Thief Powder——————-Sprinkle this around a crime scene to discover stolen items and the guilty ones.
Wishbone Powder————— Helps your dreams and wishes to come true.
Ya Ya Powder———————–Increase fertility and prevents miscarriage.

Recommended Items:

Love Me oil – 1oz

Come To Me oil- 1oz

Rue Oil

·The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook by Denise Alvarado

https://www.  hoodoowitch. net/book-of-shadows/bos-incense-and-powders/

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