Love Spells: How to Make Her Love You

We all need love in our lives but sometimes finding true love could seem so difficult. Other times, you might find that person you would like to spend the rest of your life with but instead of the individual to love you in return, he/she might just prefer someone else.

How would you handle such a situation? There are many love spells that you can cast to attract love and remove all the obstacles preventing you from enjoying your love life.

Below are some examples:

A Spell to Evoke a Romantic Love Using Gold Ring

Best Time to perform the ritual: On Friday

Aim: To remove all the obstacles and make someone love you.

Items Required :

  • A wine glass
  • A bowl of red flowers
  • A plain gold ring
  • 80 cm of red ribbon
  • A crystal of rose quartz
  • A picture of the person you wish to attract, if available.



  • Place the wine glass on your altar.
  • Thread the ribbon through the ring to make a pendulum and, holding the ribbon between your thumb and forefinger, let the ring hang in the rim of the glass, without letting it touch the sides.
  • Shout aloud your name and the name of the person you wish to attract to yourself.
  • Pause for a while then repeat the names twice.
  • While focusing on the target’s picture, spell out your target’s name and as you mention any alphabet, tap the ring against the glass jar.
  • Knot the ribbon around your neck, and let the ring rest on your heart.
  • At this point, you can bring the magic to end.

Always wear the ribbon on your neck wherever you go. You can only take it off whenever you intend to repeat the spell on the next three Fridays. If you perform this spell correctly and with great faith then it should work for you.  If it doesn’t work then accept that some things are never meant to be.

A Spell for Unreciprocated Love Using Horseshoe

Best time for the ritual: Friday during waning moon.

Items needed :


  • A pink candle (representing the female)
  • A blue candle (representing the male)
  • A gold candle
  • A horseshoe
  • A key
  • Two roses (preferably, but not necessarily, red)
  • An article of the other person’s clothing
  • A large bowl
  • Pot pourri


Nowadays getting horseshoes might be a difficult task.  If you don’t have any at hand, you can create one from a piece of card.


  • If you are a female spell caster then you should start by lightning the pink candle first before the blue one. Meanwhile, if you are male, then you should light the blue candle first before the pink one.
  • The second step is to light the gold candle and place it in between the two other candles.
  • Place the rose alongside the two outer candles and put the horseshoe at the far side of one of the roses and the key at the far side of the other one.
  • While the candle burns, meditate on your intentions. Do this until the flames quench or you can bring the ritual to an end by extinguishing the candle flames.
  • Wrap the horseshoe and the key into the piece of clothing and place it in your drawer.
  • Keep it there for two weeks and by this time the roses must have lost its bloom.
  • After the two weeks duration, remove the package from the drawer and put the horseshoe, key and rose petals in the bowl.
  • Fill it with pot pourri and place on the window ledge close to where your targeted loved one lives.

If you perform this spell correctly then love should come to you after few days.


  • Ultimate Encyclopedia of Spells by Michael Johnstone

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