Ghede Linto: The Youngest Spirit of the Guede Family

Ghede Linto is a loa who is known for his ability to perform miracles. He is an old dark-skinned man who is about 5 feet tall. He is often seen with a cane, glasses and an old-fashioned black hat. Linto is a well-mannered, docile and polite loa. Due to his gentle nature, many think he is a small boy.

He loves to teach his followers how to sing and he offers them gifts made from rum, Florida water, cigarette and fire. Linto cuts a piece of thread for each of his servants and drops the thread in his special mix to produce needles for everyone. Sometimes he gives them gifts like gold rings and chains.  He makes knots out of their scarves and inside those knots, he puts gifts just to surprise them.


He protects his children, and his work is very proficient, direct and accurate. He is a loa that can perceive trouble six months away and, in such cases, he either assists his follower in handling the trouble or he teaches him how to prevent it.



Linto is depicted as an unusual Ghede child who represents all the lost children among the dead, miscarried, aborted, stillborn and the neglected ones who were abused until they died. He is depicted with an image of a skeletal child dressed in rags.


He is the youngest spirit of the Guede family so he induces childish behavior in his followers. They walk clumsily, just like a baby who doesn’t know how to use his legs. The children of Linto babble and cry for food.



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