Papa Candelo: The Miracle Worker

Papa Candelo is a popular Lwa in Dominica with origins that can be traced to the Islands of Hispaniola. According to the Legends, Candelo was an enslaved African who was forced to work on a sugar plantation. He was very powerful and knowledgeable in African religion, spiritual and mystic traditions and due to these, people came to consult and benefit from his expertise.  Another reason why people flocked him was that he produced and sold potent firewater.


Also known as Candelo Sedifé; Papa Candelo

Attribute: Machete

Element: Fire

Bird: Rooster

Color: Red

Plants: Basil, rue

Offerings: You can make offerings of alcohol, rum, Florida water, tobacco, cigarettes, etc.

Day of Feast: November 3 (or 4th according to some sources)


Candelo is a wise and old miracle worker who answers every petition. Unlike in the olden days, he has become a powerful spirit who is no longer enslaved. He is seen walking around the street of Dominican at nights. He is also seen playing dick and cards attending cock fights.

Candelo enjoys hot weather and cannot stand cold. He loves tafia( rum) and tobacco a lot. When he mounts on a caballo ( horse), he would ask for his fula which is often tied around his head. Also, he would be given three candles which would heat him up. He can also be seen eating fire.

Candelo is said to have temper and for this reason, a weak and inexperienced shouldn’t dare to summon him. He speaks with a very heavy accent.


Candelo can be called upon to solve any problem but his specialties involve bringing luck in business, finance and other endeavors. This spirit is called upon to alleviate poverty. As a classicist, he prefers that all rituals should be done carefully and correctly.

Despite being known as a temperamental spirit, Candelo has a lively side. He loves women and enjoys dancing. He also loves pyrotechnics. His essential element is fire and during his rituals, the summoner must be very cautious in handling the fire element.

His favorite companion is Belie Belcan who is syncretized to Angel Michael. Michael is known for offering protection from fire and as Candelo’s companion, Belie exerts a balancing effect on him.

As mentioned earlier, Candelo loves women and children so he offers them protection.   He is also the patron of those born under fire signs and guides the cockfighters.

As a deity associated with fire, he can be called upon to burn away all unwanted things. He is an ideal spirit to call upon when performing unhexing, uncrossing, and cleansing rituals. He is also efficient in fighting diseases. Being a wise old man, he can provide good advice needed for foxing one’s life.

Those who make invocation to him should show him full respect as he doesn’t tolerate any form of disrespect. Small statues of Candelon is often placed in cars to protect the passengers from accidents and any other form of harm during the journey.

Worshipping Candelo

On November 3 which is his sacred day of the feast, the devotees are expected to be dressed in red in reverence to this deity. Prayers, songs, thanksgiving, dancing, and cultural sports activities are held in honor of this deity.

His altar should be decorated with red. You can place the image of Saint Charles Borromeo (San Carlos) and red candles on the altar. His favorite offerings are; a glass of rum, cigarette, Florida water, etc. You can choose to smoke the cigar and blow the smoke over him while invoking your desires.  After smoking a portion, the cigar should be placed horizontally over the glass so that this spirit can smoke the rest.

If you need a good life, then Candelon is the spirit to call upon but you must be cautious when handling candles and other fire sources as he can make them flare up.


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