How to Use Dirt and Sand in Magical Rituals

Have you ever noticed that when people go on a pilgrimage to holy cities, some of them return with stones, sands, and other items gotten from those locations? Those items are taken because they are considered to be sacred and powerful.

Apart from the holy cities, the cemetery is one of the common locations with powerful soil. The sands, stones, dirt, water or any other item got from this location, are usually very effective when used in magickal rituals.

There are other rituals that require dirt from other locations. So, in today’s article, we would like to discuss the magical power embedded in sands/dirt gotten from different locations.

Bank or financial institution: We can collect and use this sand to attract money to our hands or to receive payment of a debt that we have been waiting for a long time.

Church: We can collect and use this sand for legal matters. This includes contracts, lawsuits, and general justice. If someone borrowed money from you, perform a ritual using sands from the church, and you will be paid.

Schools: Whether it is from a schoolyard or a university, this land is excellent for the rituals related to knowledge acquisition and retention.

House of an enemy: Although it might be difficult to get sand from your enemy’s house, if you are able to get it, then you can use it to work against him/her. Note that, you must be very careful when performing this ritual since there could be more than one person living in that location. For that reason, remember to specify to whom the ritual is directed.

Home: The dirt/sand from your home can be used to protect all the occupants of the house and guarantee the return of someone who has left. The best way to achieve this is to sprinkle a little on the shoes of the occupants of the house. To make someone visit you again, sprinkle a little on his/her shoes.

Hospital or clinic: If you add the dirt from any of these places to your healing spell, then you should expect excellent healing results.

Garden or flower shop: The dirt from this location is often used in love spells.

Jail: You can collect and use this soil to keep the police out of your lives, especially if you are prone to having problems with them. To make yourself invisible to the police and perhaps, have an arrest warrant ignored, add a piece of hematite to the sand.

Mall or store: These areas are always busy and have a reputation for attracting large amounts of cash. For this reason, this dirt is very effective for money, and job rituals.

Workplace: You can use the dirt from your workplace when performing spells for promotion. You can also use it if you intend to frustrate a coworker.

Vegetable Garden – Use the dirt from this location to attract abundance to your home. You can keep a small amount wrapped in a paper you had written the 23rd Psalm.

Graveyard – This dirt is used for many spells and rituals. Examples include; magic, curses, protection work. You can also keep the dirt from the grave of your loved one on your Ancestor Altar.

Crossroads Use dirt from crossroads for decision making and doors opening rituals. Set a dish of crossroad dirt then anoint a red candle with Papa Legba Conjure Oil and burn during a waning moon to remove obstacles.




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