How to Create Your Red Brick Dust

The Red Brick Dust is a magical ingredient that has been in use for many centuries. In New Orleans Tradition, the red brick dust is poured at the house entrance to repel negative entities. The use of this dust is a common Hoodoo practice. Apart from being a protective barrier, the brick red dust when mixed with other substances can be used as a ritual cleansing agent.

How to Create Your Red Brick Dust

You can actually purchase your red brick dust or make it yourself. To prepare a homemade brick dust, get some old red bricks which are commonly seen all over New Orleans, from the old brick streets to the brick graves in the Cities of the Dead.

After you have gotten your bricks, smudge them with either sage or frankincense to remove any negative attachments. Consecrate them at an altar then after some days, take a hammer and break the brick into tiny pieces in a counter-clockwise manner. This would help to banish negativity.

You can use a mortar to grind it then add a bit of fine salt to it.  Mix the fine salt with brick powder then use the red brick dust, either to make a circle of protection and defense or put lines of this preparation on the doors, windows, portals, etc.

The red brick symbolizes a wall. Only the spirits with good intentions towards you can cross these barriers. It also works perfectly with people. Those who come to your house with love and friendship will feel wonderful, while those who are negative and bad will feel so uncomfortable and want to leave as soon as possible.

How to Use the Red Brick Dust

For Protection at Home and Work

If you wish to protect your home or workplace from thieves then you should lay red bricks around the premises. Get up very early on a Monday, Wednesday or Thursday morning, and without talking to anyone, wash your doorstep with your urine and water.

When it gets dried, sprinkle the brick red dust across the doorstep and to make it stronger, write the name of the Captain of Police on the paper then burn it and add the ashes to your scrub water.

For Business/Money Scrub:

Get a Cinnamon powder, Brown Sugar and mix it with the Red Brick Dust. Add it to your scrub water and scrub the doorstep inward for quick, continuous cash.

If you suspect that a juju was buried somewhere in your house, add the brick red dust to a bucket of water and use it to cleanse any suspicious spots in your house. You can also spread it around the perimeter of your house.

To achieve a more powerful result, dissolve a brick red dust and Lye in a bucket of water and add your urine to it. While focusing on your intention, use this mixture to cleanse the suspicious areas in your home or workplace.

To Conjure a Person

If you wish to conjure a person and make him sick then this dust would be useful for such ritual. Fill a bottle with a piece of devil’s shoestring, 9 navy beans, 9 rusty nails, and red brick dust. Top off with white lightning (moonshine), then shake well while reciting a few choice words. After declaring your intention, throw the content into the sewer and your target would fall sick.

To Swell a Man

Get a red brick and dress nine black candles. Using a rusty nail, write the name of the target on the candle and using dragon blood ink, write the same name on a piece of paper and place it face down on the brick.

Using a twine, tie the paper to the brick then light one candle per day for nine days. When the last candle has burned, throw the brick along with the candle remnants into a sewer. Just like the brick soaks up the water, so shall your target swell.




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