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Author: Jupiters Law

Some of you may have not had a chance to read my other blog posts. A Lack of Money Being a Root to Evil and Cleaning Up Money Karma. At any rate, if you MIGHT want to check it out.

This post is about actual tips you can use for “Author: Jupiters Law” versus awareness you might need prior to making magic. More than likely I might repeat something I went over before in the other post BUT I’m going to try and keep it simple this time.

Wish me luck (wink, wink)!!

Most people start thinking about spells, magic and begging “The Man” (OR woman what-eva YOU believe is cool with me) upstairs for money when you’re desperate. By that time fear, panic, and hysteria may have set in. This might not be the right time to start manifesting anything ESPECIALLY money.

Now, some manic (behaviors) can help when the time comes for a little “hocus pocus”. Mania can help with speaking/setting intentions during your ritual, but for the most part, being centered, grounded and focused is best.  Any kind of conjuring, praying requires you to quiet outside influences as much as possible.

If you need cash for an expensive cancer treatment or to obtain a lawyer for a suspected murder case you are involved do not, I repeat do not start a grand money manifestation scheme. It might not yield the results you want.

Also, it’s probably not a good idea hanging yourself upside down from your ankles to mimic money falling from the sky. If somebody tries that in a ritual and it yields good results I would love to hear about it (you could pass out though so be careful IJS…).

The point is don’t become so desperate for money your attempts become a means to another means. (which in the long run won’t work).

If you have a job continue to work, don’t sit around and expect money to fall out of the sky and if it does be open to whatever amount it bestows upon you. Stay grateful and appreciative of what you have right now. Pay your bills and/or tithes in a manner according to what you are able.

PLEASE consult with someone who has more knowledge of (spells, evil magic, hexes, curses etc.) than you do. Continue to remove any curses, spells hexes blockages etc. you are aware of.

While I am at it…. (lmao) please, please, please don’t go from one “grand wizard” of sorts to the next expecting them to bring you grandiose profits.

More than likely they will be aware of your shenanigans and if you’re lucky they might help you clean up some of your plotted and failed fortune attempts.

After starting the money manifestation process were you have cleared out some blockages, paid off your OWN karma tied to your financial crisis here are some ways you may notice abundance appearing in your life.

Let’s say someone owed you money for so long, you forgot about it. Well they might pay you back.  A co-worker could buy you lunch twice in one week, or a stranger might offer to pay your gas. An ex may start to pay or catch up on back child support. You might not win millions in a lottery, but you could win a $100 scratch off.

Suddenly, money will appear directly in your path while you’re out in public or you could find hidden money around home ca reappear. Out of the blue you could unexpectantly receive an inheritance from an unknown relative.

All these signs are indicators money magic maybe working for you. Keep in mind depending on which phase you are in with removing obstacles or possible blockages manifesting EXACTLY what you want may take more time. You may see signs of prosperity within 20 minutes, weeks or even months. Keep at it and be grateful for the magical blessings which have already shown up in your life.

Bathing By Candlelight Money Magic Tips:

Bathing in your prosperity oils keeps your conscious and sub conscious mind focused on manifesting money. Make sure the oils you have selected can be used (safe)on your skin.

Dedicate one or two days within the week to relax and focus on your manifesting while bathing. A month of doing these kinds of baths along with any other money rituals should keep prosperity fluid.

If you are anointing candles (with your prosperity oils) pick a candle color of your choice that you associated with money. Yellow and green are good colors but if you decide it’s pink or white then choose what you connect with the most. You can also purchase pre-made money magic/blessed candles from a shop of your choice.

You can use a 7- day candle or even dollar store candles. It may not matter if you buy a time framed candle. When spirit is working the candles flame can burn faster or slower than you expected.  However, most candles burn anywhere between 3-7 days.

Light as many candles as you like but make sure your oils are dedicated to 1-3 candles. You can create a beautiful vigil by surrounding your “main” candles with supporting candles.

Add your prosperity oils gradually, some candles may hold all of the oil at once. You can also purchase pipettes/glass eye droppers to measure the amounts you use.

With candelabra candles you can rub the oil directly on the candle as if you were basting a turkey.

Do not leave your candles unattended for long periods of time. I would stay home if a candelabra candle is lit checking on it periodically. If you are using glass encased candles get a sharpie and write your intentions on the candle. If it’s paying bills which bill is it? (car insurance, Visa credit card, college loan etc.) Be SPECIFIC.

You can visit with your candles (prayers/mediating) at before bed at night, first thing in the morning or anytime throughout the day. If you designate a time, make sure you can commit to it.  Remain hopeful your prayers and intentions are being manifested.

What’s in Your Wallet???

Set aside a day of the week or daily and anoint your wallet (sparingly) with your oils. Be careful with the magnetic stripes of all your cards. Dab/wipe your driver’s license, debit/credit cards and your business cards.  Anointing your business cards keeps any business connections (current/future) honest and prosperous.

While you are becoming prosperous and financially sound so should the circles you move in. When the people you rub elbows with are high economical vibrational folks it’s easier to receive financial abundance. One hand washes the other.

Here is another money magic tip:

Anoint a certain amount of money to keep in your wallet. Try Millionaire’s Dream Oil, Shi Shi Oil, or Money Draw oil – pick any oils of your choosing. If you unable to keep an unspent large bill ($20-$100) in your wallet daily, then a $5 bill will work.

Here is another idea: Go to the bank and withdrawal your rent money or any large sum of money you pay regularly. (car payment, college tuition etc…) Ask for a mixture of $100’s, 50’s 20’s 10’s 5’s and 1’s. (or use $50’s or $100’s)

Go home, lock your door, throw on a song that makes you feel happy (keep it on repeat). One my favorites   Wash and dry your hands. Oil the palm side of your hands. If you are a tad bit anal you can dab the four corners of each bill with oil. This is where the magic happens as your hands are the conduit of receiving.

Throw money all around your living room/ in plain sight (make sure you can retrieve ALL of it later). Before you pick up then money envision your home being abundant with whatever you need. (food, happiness bills paid on time, etc.) Now, with each bill you pick up. repeat what you are asking for. As if you are already being paid/or given the amount of money you are (seeking) while picking up those bills.

Follow the Green Brick Road

If you are looking for a job and/or you travel to create business deals you can try this tip:

Clean and dry the heels of your feet before you oil them. You can also do a prosperity bath before you try any of these tips. Place the money on all the floors of your house, (creating a green brick road). Make a money trial on the floor in each room of your house or in a room such as small office if you work from home. You can make a special pattern on the floor of any one particular room YOU choose. If you have stairs, then lay them on each step and all throughout the rest of the house. Don’t forget to leave your money/happy theme song  on repeat.

Walk heel to toe or hop on each bill keeping in your mind with every step you take you are manifesting money. Be careful not to fall or rip the money. You can also dab oil on your heels daily while out job hunting or to bring promotions, bonuses, raises etc. at your current job. If things have gotten a bit slow and you own your own business this may bring in more revenue/clientele.

Shake Your Money Maker

Some people like to FEEL as if they are earning their money. If you have a hedonistic persona get in your bikini/underwear (take a bath first) and pay yourself at your own private show. Tucking all them dollas (the $1’s, $5’s and $10’ will come in handy for this tip).

Women stick money in your bra, panties (men: boxers/briefs) or bikini (men: trunks/speedos) with some hip rolling and gyrating burns endorphin creating a happier mood. Don’t forget your theme song and do this in front of a mirror. Seeing yourself covered with moolah is a great manifesting visual technique.

Please don’t stick the money inside any of your lower openings (vaginal or anal) you may be channeling a different kind of manifestation. However, if you work in sex-based industry placing the money on the outer parts may yield some results.

If YOU decided to do this your energetic pheromones are on the money. once you return it to the bank it will be passed through a multitude of hands. This could make things complicated so follow your intuition and use your best judgement.

Hint: Before you start you could fill up your favorite hat/baseball cap full of bills then you can really make it rain as you shaking your shimmy. (theme song_____?)

Washing Your Boo-Tay for the Mon-Tay

Make sure your tub and body is clean and dried before trying this. You can also do this right after a money oiled bath. Your bills should already have the money oils on it. Get butt booty naked and be careful not to slip and fall. If it’s safe you can bring any candles you have lit and place them around the four corners of your tub. Get in the tub and relax. Keep the music playing and visualizing you are bathing in luxury.

During any money manifestation process, be receptive to all forms of prosperity and signs your luck to obtaining money is changing. Depending on which oils you use, fast money/conjure, stabilizing your current financial situation, ensuring the returns of money spent, or protecting yourself from financial ruin/poverty be open to receiving all forms of abundance.

In the spiritual realm there are powers to be working for you and some can be against you. Keep your vibrations, spirit as high as possible AND be open to all forms of receiving and during THIS time.

If you meet enriching new people while job hunting but you don’t get the job you were seeking, you are still WINNING.

You may not get the exact amount of money you were seeking but you may rekindle old relationships with people who repaid you.

You might come out of a long withstanding depression and start to enjoy life better than you ever have before.

Money magic could elude you, but you could meet a wealthy spouse who doesn’t mind sharing. Sharing is caring.

Hopefully, you get exactly what you want from money magic, rituals, strategies and manifesting. Things take time, but you can gain so much if you don’t give up IN the process.

REMEMBER have fun, keep it light (perhaps, you might want to keep it to yourself) and don’t forget to take the money back to the bank either.

I am Jupiter’s Law. The Verdict’s In

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