The Magickal Uses of The Dragon’s Blood

Dragon’s blood is the name given to the resin that comes from different species of a number of distinct plants genera: Croton, Dracaena, Daemonorops, Calamus rotang and Pterocarpus.

This dark blood red resin – which is associated with the element of fire and planet Mars – is extracted from the fruit and stem of the Dracaena plant. It is typically used in its crystallized form or as a powder. Obtaining it is somewhat difficult since a spiny outer layer protects the fruits. When extracted, its fruits are collected and stored in bags, then whipped to loosen the resin. The resin powder is then sieved and heated to form lumps.

The Dragon Blood Resin has been in use since ancient time. Due to its powerful healing ability, the Greeks and Romans used this resin to stop wounds bleeding during battles.  Historically, it has been used in funeral rites and served as a powerful embalming agent.

The Magickal Uses of The Dragon’s Blood

  • When used in spells, it serves as a catalyst that promotes the effectiveness of the spell. It is commonly used in love rituals too.
  • During ritual ceremonies, Dragon Blood incense is used to purify the atmosphere before and after the ritual.
  • It is used during spiritual baths to wash away negativities and restore mental and physical health.
  • It also helps to accelerate the healing of emotional wounds, damages, jealousy and hatred.
  • It can also be used to manipulate the character of another person.
  • Its power is magnificent to eliminate dark spirits anchored to our being and release the astral garbage.
  • This resin can be used to counter the effects of negative spells, black magic and witchcraft. The smoke produced by the incense of Dragon’s Blood is used as a barrier to avoid bad spirits or distort negative energies that are around us.

Going Further…

In talismanic magic, it is used to trace the pentagrams and signs, since its power multiplies the desired effect.  Due to its powerfulness, the Dragon Blood Resin has been recommended by many wise men, magician and alchemists.

Due to its red color, the Dragon’s blood is also associated with love moorings. The Dragon’s blood resin and incense can be used to make someone fall in love and also bring back a partner that left. For sexual problems and impotence, place a piece of resin under your mattress.

The Dragon’s blood has been used for a long time as an indelible ink. When used on a document, this resin protects the document making it almost indestructible. Only a strong magician can break a spell written with this ink. Due to its high price, Dragon’s blood is only used in official texts and documents of high importance.

In order to add more power to a ritual, the Dragon Blood oil is commonly used to anoint candles, cauldrons and other ritual tools.

 How To Create The Dragon Blood Powder

The easiest way to use this resin is to break it into smaller pieces that are easier to use. You can do this with a large mortar, or just use a hammer. Place a ball of Dragon Blood Resin in a plastic bag and place that bag inside another more resistant bag, this would prevent the resin from being scattered during the breaking process.

Place the wrapped resin on a hard surface then tap it gently but with a hammer until it has broken into smaller pieces. You can use these little pieces of Dragon Blood to purify the home or place the Dragon Blood incense in the center of the house.

If you use it together with camphor, its power will be greater. Sprinkle some Dragon Blood powder around your house and at the entrances to expel evil and negativity.

To calm a noisy house, mix the Dragon Blood powder with sugar and salt, and place it in a bottle. Close the bottle firmly and store it somewhere in your house and you will have peace and tranquility for a long time in your home.

To get money and luck, anoint your money candle with a Dragon’s blood oil. It would enhance the effectiveness of your money rituals.

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