A Lack of Money Is A Root To Evil

Author: Jupiters Law

“For the love of money is a root of all evil.” (1 Timothy 6:10) Really? That scripture always cracked me up mainly, because everybody perception of what substantiates evil would be different.  It is a cliché saying but I have neva eva seen a green dolla bill kill nobody. IJS….. .I believe people tend to act out of so called perceived “evilness” when they’re desperately lacking money. Would you condemn a person for robbing a bank (which by the way, is never out of money) because they needed to pay for a lifesaving procedure?   

Most wealthy people I’ve met lead a quiet, isolated and perhaps, lonely life.  Money in my opinion, is set up to create order which can cause chaos. Even when certain individuals are giving the same opportunity to earn money often imbalance sets in. Our so called paratracheal “In God We Trust” belief system has perpetuated some disorder amongst the masses.  Okay, I am off my soap box, but I will be back on it later. It should be a “blabber post” I have been known to run my mouth quite a bit. I am also excusing myself in advance for all run-on sentences, poor word usage and any grammatical errors.  

Anyways, the US recently made history we had the largest lottery winning jack pots (to date). The lottery paid out $1.586 billion and $758.7 million to 4 different winners total. I bet y’all wondering what kind of money magic or spell casting they used. (I am too). Maybe they didn’t use any. Maybe they were all high vibration functioning people. In case you were to win a large sum of money make sure you are cognizant of what you need the money for and be responsible for what you will do with it.

Also. when you are manifesting to keep in mind, your thoughts and feelings regarding money. For instance, how did you feel when you heard the winners were claiming their prize? (especially if you played)? Go ahead think about I’ll wait….

Were you bitter, envious, resentful, or did you go with a skeptical conspiracist theory. The theory in which “who” the winner was determined their chances of winning.

 Personally, I was excited to see the pot grow so big and being able to witness a monumental part of history was exhilarating. I mean we may not get to witness such an event again in this lifetime. Ahemm…. by the way just in case a lottery winner is reading this I can be reached at __________. I’m kidding but, not really.

Here comes my soap box blabbering again………When engaging in any form of manifesting abundance into your life you always need to be open to receiving. Sometimes people believe giving will automatically increase their chances of “The Universe” returning the favor. While that may be true in some instances, you must keep in mind ASKING for what you need is just as important as RECEIVING it.

As the saying goes “a closed mouth won’t get fed” so when it’s your turn to RECEIVE take it! Most people who give sincerely and with genuine intentions have a hard time accepting. These types of people seem shocked when someone monetary acknowledges them. I even seen people try to talk themselves out of receiving anything. “No, no, no that’s okay. “Thank you but, you didn’t have to do that.” Noooo….. I really don’t need it, you keep it. Does this seem familiar to you? If it does and you respond in this manner when people give you something STOP IT!

Always being a giver can set you up for being taking advantage of and while dissuading others to give to you may be a quite humble, well- intended, gesture it can hinder you when it comes to ANY form of money manifestation.

Also, don’t judge or minimize what you’re receiving and from whom it’s coming from. The Universe will provide for you when you are open to receiving and your worthiness of receiving ANYTHING is a simple “thank you!” 

Okay…, is that horse dead yet?

 Soooooo…. now you think you are ready for money magic well take a moment and ask yourself what do you think about money? (generally speaking) Go ahead I’ll wait…….

Do you worship it? Is it just a means to another means? In your opinion, is money the root of all evil? Do you feel other people get lucky and you don’t? Do you think money can buy you love or better yet, can your love be bought with money?  All your core beliefs, past and current feelings about money should be reevaluated/adjusted.  

Most people wait until they are desperate or have hit rock bottom before they consider magic or spell casting. (please don’t wait until you have an eviction notice posted on your door).

This may not be the best time to try some “abracadabra tricks” because your core feelings about money can easily be distorted by your desperation. Your intentions should be strong, and your spirits should be as high as possible when manifesting. If you are depressed or down in the dumps you may want to improve your sense of wellbeing before manifesting.

If you like oils you can try Faith, Hope and Charity Oil, Easy Life Oil, and Spirit Cleanse Oil. You can use these oils on your body, in your baths, or in candles. Yes, sometimes you gotta spend money to get money. I really like the Spirit Cleanse out of the three, but I think they’re all a good choice. I believe this company can make any oil you want in an incense-based form too.

Listening to mediation music at night https://youtu.be/Rxn2aBcllic can also improve your spiritual mindset. (prayer and worship are also free) Give yourself a month to see if your spirits lift and/or you begin to feel better. Whatever method you choose just make sure it’s not counterproductive and lead to more spending/self-defeating behaviors.

Your faith, what you believe plays a HUGE part in how your manifest prosperity. If you decide to use a Witch, Root Worker, or put in special prayer requests via your church MAKE SURE you are in complete alignment with these beliefs. If you believe in God (vice/versus) then don’t summons up a Damon such as Clauneck and expect a miracle. Seriously… after money might not be your only problem. (lmao) Stick to your beliefs. If you feel your belief system is changing or evolving then explore that first, but don’t allow one specific situation to change your core beliefs.

A lack of money can be the root to all evil so, remain positive, open to ACCEPTING (anything that comes your way) and don’t forget to say, “thank you”.

F.Y.I. Pour me out a blessing I got PLENTY of room to receive it.  Malachi 3:10

 ***PART TWO***


Money is a necessity for most of us, but it does not have to determine our love, peace, and joy. God, “The Universe” or whatever you believe is available to assist you through most of life experiences. 

If you are working through lifting, counteracting or breaking spiritual forces that were preventing you from prosperity realize it can be a process. Remember desperation, panic, and fear do not work well when it comes to manifesting and neither does “off-ing” a person to collect an insurance policy.

Here are some other mindful considerations before participating in money magic.

Take a good assessment of what you already have. Look around your house and see if you have more than what you need?  Go ahead I’ll wait……

Being grateful and appreciative for what you have already been GIVEN is a key factor in RECEIVING more dinero.  Now this may vary depending on what you value. Perhaps, if you are like most people you have too much, and you need to get rid of some stuff. (garage sale, Salvation Army, eBay etc…).  If that is the case, then do so NOW don’t wait.

Let’s go a little deeeper shall we……

Can you recall a time when you swear you were flat broke but, you managed to participate in some retail therapy?  (mmmm….humph…). Are you surrounded by other family, friends who are stable or seem to be well off?  (mmmm.. humph…) These are all signs you have already received a significant amount of abundance. Yes, there is more available to you but be grateful for what you’ve been given thus far before you start asking for more.

Now this is the big one your money could be tied up in other circumstances making it extremely difficult to access it.  If you have generational curses, hexes, spells, or any form of magic (evil) that is interfering with your money then consulting with an expert of your choosing would be best before your start your own magical grand schemes.

Generational curses can be the hardest to tackle even with assistance. One way of recognizing curses is to recognize how money eludes you and your family. You don’t have to do lengthy family tree, but you can start with your closest elders such as your uncles, aunts, siblings and 1st cousins (people who you know most of the intimate details of their lives).

You yourself may be thinking “hey everybody in my family is pretty well off”, but if their “well-off” stems from a set of misfortunate circumstances you may need to think in depth about this.  

If you notice patterns (which can be subtle or blatantly obvious) such as everyone who HAS obtained some form of wealth losses it all to let’s say, gambling or drug addictions that could be a sign. 

If you see patterns of the death of a spouse with large insurances policy’s being paid out relating to the death of that family member this COULD be another indicator.

There could be repetitive patterns where after starting successful businesses everybody seems to receive local, state or federal jail time Natural bona fide hustlers in the family? I think you catch my drift (or horse) shall I say.

Now here is a big one don’t forget get about your own karma. If you yourself have a history of stealing, borrowing money with no means or intentions of paying it back. Or you hang around other users, losers, manipulating abusers don’t have high expectations of manifesting money. (damn…how many dead horses are their now?)

Manifesting money through whichever means you choose can take some time. Be aware that YOU are the biggest key to manifesting what you need.

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