Eight Crystals That Enhance Astral Travel

Astral travel is an experience through which we abandon our physical body and travel with our astral body to wherever we want. There are different types of astral travel which include; the voluntary and involuntary astral travel.

The voluntary astral travel can be achieved through different techniques. For example, this experience can be stimulated by reaching a point of deep relaxation or by listening to certain music and sounds. We can easily experience involuntary astral travel when we are sleeping, or when we feel physically and emotionally exhausted.

When our astral body leaves our physical body, we can go wherever we want, visit who we wish and explore places that are far away in the astral plane. Experienced astral travelers are able to visit their past and future and most times, it can really be trilling.

There are some crystals and herbs that would guide you during your astral journey and make you have a wonderful experience. In this article, we shall look at some of those crystals.

Blue Calcite

This is an extremely relaxing and comforting stone. It would help you go into a deep relaxation and enable your astral body float easily out of your physical body. Blue calcite also helps you while you are on the astral plane by putting a block on negative energies.


There are some individuals who lack the eagerness to go on an astral journey. Ametrine crystal would strengthen a person’s will and desire which will allow your body to leave your physical body.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a highly protective stone. Black tourmaline is used for protection against negative energies that might be encountered during the astral journey.


Labradorite is the stone of magic. Most people find it difficult in moving their astral body so this stone will be of great help.


This unique and powerful stone facilitates the opening of the third eye, stimulates spiritual experiences, helps us in working with dreams and facilitates astral travel. This stone would enable you to travel into the past and future. It is very good for relaxation, facilitates meditation and helps the exit of the physical body.

Clear Quartz

A Quartz Crystal will open all your chakras and improve the capabilities of any other crystal you use. It can increase the energy needed for your astral experience and has a profound effect on opening the doors to the other worlds and kingdoms.


Iolite is also a stone of exploration. It helps you to remember everything immediately after returning into your physical body. It also allows your conscious mind to wander through your subconscious mind and through the astral plane.


This stone is milky blue in color and is very effective in any spiritual journey. It helps you to build your psychic powers and enhances your contact with angels.

Tips to Boost Astral Projection with Crystals

It takes steady practice and discipline to achieve successful astral travel. Before embarking on a voluntary astral journey, you should read about some necessary guidelines and follow them.

During your astral travel, feel free to use as many crystals as you want. Don’t forget to cleanse and charge your crystals before use. You can place them under your pillow at night or use them during meditation. There are no set rules that you must abide by, just do whatsoever that is comfortable and natural for you.


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