Ingredients and Curios Used in Hoodoo

Erzulie oil

In Voodoo practice, almost every item you can find around you has a magickal aspect to it. Think about things such as chalk, sand, wood, urine, water, stone, bottle, mud, etc. They are all useful to the voodooist depending on the rituals that is being performed.
In this article, we will like to identify some common magickal ingredients and curios and their uses in root workings, spells, and other rituals.

I want to believe that we all eat beans since it is a common source of protein. Aside from being used as food, beans can be used in magical rituals.

For example:

Black turtle beans———–used to prevent hurdles and make important decisions.
Cranberry beans————– to attract new opportunities.
Canary beans——————- to bring success and happiness
Fava beans–———————to bring power, and make all your wishes come true.
Pink beans –———————-to build self-confidence and for romance spells.
Green pigeon beans———————–for resourcefulness and attraction of wealth.

This is the seed pod of Trapa bicornis, which is an aquatic Asian plant. It is glossy and black and about two to three inches from tip to tip.
The Devil Pod is commonly used to ward off evil and for that reason, it is often placed above the doorway facing outward. It is also a common component of the mojo bag as it serves to keep enemies away from the owner.

It is used to absorb all the negativity that might surround your home, office and surroundings. Traditionally, the black lava salt is scattered around an area and after a period of time, it is swept up and discarded in order to dispose the absorbed toxic energies.

You can also use the black salt to prevent nightmares. Just sprinkle it around your bed before sleeping at night.

This is a lucky type of charm that is used in hoodoo and African American magical tradition. The black cat bone brings good luck, protection, success and can be used as an invisibility charm. When anointed with Van Van oil, you can carry it as a component of your mojo bag.

Black Cat Hair:
This serves as a lucky charm for gamblers. You can also use it in a bottle spell to make a couple break up.

The Blue Stones:
They can be used to attract luck in gambling, to attract good spirits, ward off negative ones, for protection and success.

The Red Brick Dust:
Sprinkle the red brick dust at the entrance of your house or work place and it will prevent the entrance of negative energies into your abode. It can also be used to attract luck and money.

This is a very common item that is found in every voodoo altar. The broom is used for protection, cleansing, purification and to ward off unwelcome visitors.

Coffin Nails
These are used in spells of malice and to break up couples. It can also be used to cause illness to the targeted individual.

Cowrie shells 
Cowrie shells are used for making pieces of jewelry worn by the most traditional worshippers. They are also used in divination. The cowries represent female genitals and that make them useful in love and jinxing spells.

Goofer dust –
This type of dust is used for jinxing an enemy in the family and other evil workings. You can use it in making a killing powder. Some persons use the Goofer dust for attracting job, money and good health.

Other Examples of Items Used in Hoodoo and Voodoo Practices Include:

Crucifix – for protection; blessing.
Epsom salts – to disarm enemies; purification bath and floor wash.
Dice (pair) – good luck; gambling luck.
Four leaf clover – luck; gambling luck.
Graveyard dirt – When blessed with holy water, it can be used for protection. It can also be used to cause unnatural illness in enemies.
Magnetic sand – drawing love and money.
Saltpeter – It is used for protection; purification; uncrossing; changing luck.
Dollar sign – good luck; gambling luck.
Needles – It is used for carving names on candles for spells. It can also be used for focusing intent in Voodoo doll magic.

The list of items used in hoodoo and voodoo is quite exhaustive because just like I said earlier, almost every item you can find around has a magickal component in it. All you need to do is to know the power in those items then use them to achieve your intentions.

Recommended Items:

Graveyard Dirt

Lodestone Food (MAGNETIC SAND)

Black Cat oil- 1oz

Bat Heart Root

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