How to Make a Book of Shadows

Do you need a personal journal to record everything about your magical journey? If yes, then you need a personal Book of Shadows. A Book of Shadow is where magical practitioners write down their insights, spells, intentions, results, recipes, symbols and any other thing that is related to their magical practice.

While many Pagans feel that a Book of Shadows must be handwritten, others prefer to store information on their computers as well. Keep in mind that a Book of Shadows is considered a sacred tool, which means that it is an element of power that must be consecrated along with all your other magical tools.

How to Make a Book of Shadows

Firstly, you will need a blank book or a specialized Book of Shadow that can be bought in specialty stores.  A composition book, a spiral notebook or even a 3- Ring binder with loose leaf paper would be suitable.

The first page of the book should include your name. You can make it very sophisticated or simple, depending on your preference. Many witches simply write, “Book of Shadows of [Name]” on the first page.

Most witches use magical or secret alphabets while writing on their Book of Shadows. This is to prevent outsiders from reading and understanding their contents.

Your Book of Shadows should contain the following:

Laws of your coven or tradition

Believe it or not, magic has rules. While they may vary from one group to another, it is a very good idea to include them in the front of your Book of Shadows.  If you are part of any tradition that has no written rules, or if you are a lonely witch, this is a good place to write down your acceptable norms of magic.


If you have been initiated into a coven, you may want to include a copy of your initiation ceremony here.  This is a good place to write down the deities you are dedicated to.  For example, you can write: “I, (Name) dedicate myself to the Goddess today, January 6, 2018.”

Gods and Goddesses

Depending on the tradition that you follow, it is possible that you have only one God and Goddess, or a series of them. Your Book of Shadows is a good place to note down these deities.

Table of Correspondence:

The phases of the moon, herbs, stones and crystals, colors – all have different meanings and purposes. Keeping a record of these things in your Book of Shadows helps you to remember those dates.

Sabbat rituals

Your Book of Shadows can include rituals for each of the Sabbats. For example, for Samhain, you may want to create a rite that pays tribute to your ancestors, while for Yule it is possible to write a winter solstice celebration. A celebration of Sabbat can be as simple or as complex as you wish.


Herbalism is often considered the core of sorcery because plants have been used literally for thousands of years. In your Book of Shadows, write down the uses of different herbs and their purposes. Remember, many herbs should not be ingested, so it is important to investigate thoroughly before taking them internally.

Fortune telling

If you are learning about tarot, divination, astrology, or any other form of prediction or divination, you can store your information here as well. While experimenting with new methods of divination, ensure to keep track of what you do and the results too.

Sacred Texts

If there is a certain text that you like, such as an ancient prayer or a particular song that elevates you, include it in your Book of Shadows.

Magical Recipes

As you collect formulas of oils, incenses, or mixtures of herbs, save them in your Book of Shadows. You can even include a section of food recipes for the Sabbath celebrations.

Spell Recipes

Some people prefer to keep their spells in a separate book called Grimoire, but they can also be saved in the Book of Shadows. You should arrange and organize them according to their objectives; prosperity, protection, healing, love, etc. With each spell and recipe, you write down, make sure you also leave a space to include information about how you did the work and what the result was.

Unless you’ve purchased an already decorated book, there might be a need to add some touch of uniqueness to your book. You can decorate your Book of Shadow cover with paintings and symbols.

Also, you can laminate it and marginalize the pages so that they have a unique style. Choose dark colors as these absorb a large amount of energy that is necessary for your book.

Finally, as a personal sacred tool, your Book of Shadows should contain more of your personal contents and you must take good care of it too.  When your Book of Shadows becomes filled up, you can create a new one but always read through the pages of the old one to get acquainted with the information written down on it.


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