How to Use the Hagstone

The Hagstone are stones with natural openings which are created when water and other elements pound through a stone thus creating a hole at the stone’s weakest surface. In some parts of Germany, it is said that these holes are formed when serpents gather around the stone and release their venom which creates a hole in the center of the stone.

It is also referred to as a Holey Stone, Witches’ Stone, Adder Stone, Nightmare Stone, Pierced Stone etc.. and it is mostly found in rivers, streams or even at the beach. The Hagstone is commonly used as a protection pendant which is worn around the neck. It is said that it can protect the wearer from the effects of snake bite. It is also tied to different property to protect them from being stolen.

Magickal Uses of The Hagstone

Aside from being used as a protective amulet, the Hagstone was used to cure series of ailments. When placed under a bed, it was said to cure rheumatism and relieve cramps. It was also used to prevent gastric problems, caused by witches (hags) who came at night and sat on the stomachs of those who were asleep.

The Hagstone can also be used in fertility magic. You can tie it at your bedpost or carry it in your pocket if you desire to get pregnant. Some large Hagstones contain wide holes that can enable a person to walk through it. When those who wish to get pregnant crawl through those holes, their request would be granted.

An interesting custom was to use Hagstones as oath-stones. While holding these stones, an individual would be forced to say the truth. For a Hagstone to retain all its power, it has to be found by its bearer or given as a gift.

As greeting stones, they were held in the palm of the left hand, and rubbed with the thumb in a deosil (clockwise) movement, while the individual remains focused on his intentions (this technique was also used with pieces of amber).

These stones are also called Fairy Stones. It is said that if you look through those holes, you would be able to see Fairies, Sea Spirits, Mermen, Mermaids and dead spirits too. The bearer can also use it to protect himself from evil enchantments. During Samhain, a charm of a hag stone is usually suspended on a red cord, because that is when the veil between this world and the fairy world thins.

These stones are also used to represent the sacred vagina of the Goddess and for that reason, they are used to create powerful love spells. They can also be used for energy regeneration and to refresh the body, mind and spirit. To achieve this, just hang this stone over your bed at night, and when you wake up the next morning, you would be feeling so refreshed and strong.

How to Activate the Hag Stone

Have you found a Hagstone? If yes, you can activate it by leaving it outside from sunrise to sunset so as to charge it with solar energy. You can leave it outside on a full moon night to charge it lunar energy. Also, you can anoint your stone with early morning dew.

According to Ancient traditions, it is believed that when you gaze through the holes of your Hagstone on a full moon night, then all your wishes would go straight to the Moon Goddess.  Also, to keep your stone happy and lively, you should soak it in salt water in the Full Moonlight.



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