It is believed that the black cat brings good luck in gambling. In Spain, it is said that a lucky person has seven lives like cats. According to this superstition, the cat has seven lives and after its seventh existence, he transforms into a human. It is also said that the killing of a cat would bring bad luck, hence some prefer to pay others to kill the cats after which they are used to prepare powerful charms.

Black cats were accused for centuries of being the familiar spirits of witches. It was said that the witches, when they died, became a black cat, silent at night and with a shocking look. Due to this, people began to associate black cats with curses and the devil.

There are many rituals that can be performed using the black cat bones, hair, and fur. Examples include; the protection, luck and love attraction rituals.  In today’s article, we shall look at how to make a black cat candle spell. This simple hoodoo candle work can be used to draw either luck/money/love into your life.

Items required:

  • A brown paper,
  • A cat shaped candle (or a plain white, green or red candle depending on your intention),
  • A black cat oil,
  • Essential herbs related to your request. (for example, a Cinnamon herb can be used for money drawing intentions while Sage and Bay leaves are used for banishment)


  • Use a suitable color of candle for this ritual. For example, white can be used for all requests, green for money, red for love, lust, fast luck or you can use black to banish.
  • Using a sharp object, carve your name and birth date, or to banish write “return to sender” on the candle.
  • Dress the candle with the black cat oil. Note that if your intention is to draw something to you then while dressing the candle, apply the oil from wick down towards you. If your intention is to banish something away from you then dress the candle from the bottom to the wick away from you.
  • Meditate on your intention during this process.
  • Sprinkle the candle with a bit of luck drawing herbs. You can use powder made from Cinnamon, Patchouli, and Cinquefoil.
  • Add few Iron fillings for attraction.
  • Pray over the candle to charge it.
  • On the piece of brown paper write down your specific intentions.
  • Anoint the paper with the oil and dress it by dabbing the oil on the four edges of the paper and in the center too. That makes a total of five spots.
  • If you wish to attract something or someone to you, fold the paper towards you or fold it away if you intend to banish or repel something from you.
  • Then place the paper under a plate or candle holder with the candle on top of it.
  • Light up the candle then pray for the actualization of your intentions.
  • Allow the candle to burn for 7 minutes before extinguishing the candle flames by snuffing it out.
  • Repeat this procedure the next night but this time, the candle should be allowed to burn for 11 minutes.
  • On each night, continue this process while alternating your prayer/burn time between 7 and 11 minutes until whenever the candle has burnt entirely, or your desires have been granted.
  • If you intend to attract something to yourself, bury the candle wax and remnants under or near your doorway but if your intention is to banish something then take the remnants and toss them in a trash in the cemetery or in a deserted crossroad.

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