How to Use your Menstruation Blood to Attract a Lesbian Partner

The term “menstruation” and “menses” are derived from the Latin mensis (month), which in turn relates to the Greek mene (moon). This means that the word “menstruation” is related to moon and month.

In ancient times, women were very connected to the cycles of the Moon and since both have a period of 28 days, they were in harmony with the lunar energy. Due to this, many ancient cultures used menstrual blood in their rituals.

Even till today, people use menstrual blood for rituals because of how powerful it can be. With the menstrual blood, you can cast a vengeance or commitment spell amongst others.

Mooring Of Love With Menstruation For Lesbians

This love spell is designed to allow a lesbian to find the love of her life. Also, in situations where a lesbian’s partner has started withdrawing from the other, then this spell can revive the love and restore the relationship.

Items needed

  • Four small cups
  • A picture of the lesbian partner
  • Tumeric and Sandalwood Paste
  • Rosewater


  • Using the four small cups, collect your first four days menstrual blood.
  • At the end of the fifth day of your cycle and the beginning of the sixth day (at twelve midnight) take a bath in rose water.
  • Instead of soap, rub the Turmeric and Sandal paste on your body and wash with the rose water.
  • After completing the bath let the water dry naturally.
  • Touch the photo of the person you love on all your private parts four times.
  • Then put the image in a bowl and pour the menstrual blood over the photo.
  • Each time you cover the picture with blood make a recitation of your request. Or you can recite this:

Blood and love

Love and blood Mixed

To have fun and run

To run and have fun

The pain that you will feel would be my pleasure

Give me what I want

When you are done with the recitation, you can add a cup of rose water to the bowl and cover the set with a black cloth. After four days, the person whose image was used will give you sexual pleasures whenever you want it and without asking you any questions.



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