Hoodoo Ritual To Influence The Court’s Verdict

Do you have a pending court case that you are so bothered about? Would you love the Judge’s verdict to be in your favor? Would you love to get a lesser punishment for a crime you are guilty of? If yes, then it’s time to cast this spell and influence the court’s final verdict.

Items Needed:

  • A small glass jar with a lid
  • A few pinches of comfrey and calendula
  • A piece of galangal root (known as blue ginger, Chinese ginger or root fingers) You may have difficulty finding this plant, so you can use the type of ginger found in your country.
  • Enough honey to fill the jar
  • A piece of orange paper


Think of your case, and write on the orange paper the names of the people who will make the final decisions. You can write the names of the judge, lawyers and members of the jury. These are the persons you want to sweeten so they can resolve your legal problems favorably. Focus on why you feel you should get a positive verdict, or why your case is fair.

Fold the orange paper and put it in the jar, along with the herbs. Next, pour the honey to fill it, while repeating the following:

“May your words be sweet,

May my legal problems end,

May your words be for my good,

May my future be brilliant.”

Close the lid tightly, and put the jar in some special or important place in your house such as the kitchen countertop or on a table. Once your case is finished and your legal problems are solved in your favor, pour the honey to the ground and bury the jar.

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