Secrets of Feng Shui to Attract Money

You might have heard of it, but didn’t really understand how Feng Shui can influence your home through the decoration and design of your home. According to this Ancient art, the decoration in a home can be used to attract money, health and love to the home.

In this article, we would like to share some secrets of Feng Shui which are used in the Chinese culture to attract wealth and positive energy.

1-The kitchen should always be clean:

In Feng Shui, this practice of keeping the kitchen clean is directly related to your ability to attract money. When you keep the kitchen clean and tidy, it does not only make the house comfortable and beautiful, it enhances a greater flow of money into your bank account.

Always keep the cupboard and refrigerator tidy. The food items stored in the house should always be fresh too.

2- Decorate with red, violet or green:

You can paint the walls of your house red, then decorate with bright green. Your cushions can be violet in color and everything should be neatly arranged. According to Feng Shui, using these colors in your office or home would attract money.

3-An attractive entrance:

If you are looking for opportunities then the front door to your home or office shouldn’t be hidden. A neat and beautiful entrance has a way of attracting customers and good people into our space. You can place a clean doormat and also plant some money attracting crops such as basil close to the entrance.

4- Remove clusters and create new spaces:

Getting rid of the clusters releases energy, promotes the flow of positive energy and attracts prosperity. Every furniture in the house should be properly arranged.  Items that are broken and those that are not useful should be discarded. You can sell them or give them to those in need of it.

5- Add a fresh color tone:

If the rooms look boring, cold or maybe static, add a little fresh and cheerful color. You can use photos, decorations, paintings and art, or anything that you think can help soften and animate that environment. Don’t add too many colors, just keep it light and cool.

6- Water is a necessity:

Water symbolizes wealth and money in the discipline of Feng Shui, so if you want to attract both, then you can introduce fountains of water in your home. Also, avoid water leakages and get rid of anything that contains stagnant water.

These secrets of Feng Shui are very effective so if you try them, don’t be surprised if you start experiencing success and favors in your business. You can also put motivational artworks in your home and office so that whenever you see those quotes, you would be reminded of your goals and pursuits.

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