The Uses of Basil Plant In Hoodoo Rituals

Basil is a plant known for its nice aroma and its many uses in the kitchen. It is one of the most used condiments in Italian cuisine. However, very few people know of its multiple medicinal properties and its great esoteric power.

Basil is a small leafy bright green plant that does not exceed 130 centimeters. In addition to its voluminous leaves, the basil plant has some violet white florets. This plant is easy to grow in tropical and temperate climates.

In the world of magic, basil is known as a magnet of fortune, prosperity, love and passion. It is also an enhancer of sexual desire, and brings family growth. Let us look at some of the uses of Basil Plant in rituals.

How to Use Basil in Love Spells

Items needed:

  • A flower pot
  • Soil
  • Some basil seeds
  • A sheet of paper


  • Plant the basil seeds into the flower pot.
  • On the sheet of paper, write what you desire in your relationship and at the back of the sheet, write down your name and that of your partner.
  • Bury the paper into the pot.
  • Recite this:

“As your aroma attracts many people, I ask you to strengthen the love we have, while you also grow the love between ————-(mention the name of your partner) and me.”

You can place basil under your pillow to drive away negative energies. Also, placing this plant under your pillow would grant you sweet love dreams and cool sleep.

Ritual Two:

The Use of Basil in Prosperity Rituals

Items needed:

  • A branch of fresh basil,
  • A green candle,
  • A red ribbon,
  • Bank statement details, business cards or a money bill.


To start, take the basil branch (if you use branches with flowers you will get better results) and tie the money bill with the red ribbon. Light the candle and repeat:

“I call to fire and I bring the heat of movement to my hands.

I call upon the power of the sun and stars. I attract wealth. I summon prosperity and by the rising sun and before the day is done, money swiftly come to me.”

Let the candle burn and then place the branch over the entrance to your home or near your money locker.

Ritual Three

Basil Ritual to Ward off Evil

This ritual is excellent for protecting an individual from hatred, envy, jealousy, bad vibes and against the evil eye.  It can also help to ward off mosquitoes from the environment.

Items Needed:

  • A basil plant
  • Salt
  • Basil oil
  • Holy Water
  • Vaporizer


  • Place the basil plant in a window facing the front of your house.
  • Make a line of salt on the front door of your house.
  • In the vaporizer, mix a quarter of basil oil in half a liter of holy water.
  • Sprinkle the solution on the doors and windows, while reciting the following:

“In this home, there is no evil, only love and light shall thrive. Everything that grows here will be harmonious, happy and abundant, that’s how it will always be.”

 Repeat the process as much as you desire then after a short time you will notice that evil shall depart from your dwellings while positive energy shall take over. Also, this ritual would decrease the number of flies and mosquitoes that reside in your environment. Finally, the aroma and oil of Basil Plant help in reducing stress, anxiety and can serve as a cure to other ailments.


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