How to Perform a Love Attraction Spell Using Sperms

Do you have a partner who seems to be withdrawing from you? Would you love to restore the passion in your relationship? Would you like to have control over your lover? If you said yes to any of those questions then this ritual is for you.

This love mooring with sperm influences the target’s chakras and creates a mental, sexual and love attraction between the two individuals. Women carry out this ritual to make their partner to constantly love them and desire their bodies. Sometimes, this love can appear so real and genuine.

Items Required:

  • Recent semen of your man.
  • Your saliva
  • Your blood

The semen for this ritual should be fresh and gotten during ejaculation. On a full or rising moon night, pour the semen, blood and saliva into a clay cup and recite these words:

“Let the passion of my blood and the energy of his sperm ignite the love of ___________ (first and last name of your partner).

Let it attract the heat of his passion and make him want me. Make him to love me day and night and may we be wrapped in the sweetness of sex.

Liquid of life, bind_____________ (first and last name of your partner) to _______________ (your name and surname). I seal this with the greatest sweetness of my soul. So be it”

You can mix the content with some mild alcohol; it can be wine, then take a sip of it and give the rest to your beloved.


This mooring of love with sperm is a permanent spell which can last forever. But sometimes, it can be broken by a counterspell. Now, if your partner is unaware of your intention, then getting him to drink the portion might be difficult.

You can add it to his drink or food.  After the ritual, you can keep the portion in the fridge for a maximum of two days. Keep it in a clean and hygienic condition until you get the chance to serve it to your partner.

After this mooring, avoid any feelings of doubts and in few days interval, you will start seeing its manifestation.

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