How to Make Offerings To Santa Muerte

Do you know about Santa Muerte? She is a popular Mexican deity often represented as a skeleton dressed up in colored robes.  Santa Muerte is known to give quick response when called upon. She is associated with healing, prosperity, safe passage, and can protect an individual from witchcraft attack and sudden death.

In Mexico City, Our Lady of Holy death is celebrated on November 1st and on August 15th in other locations. There are many rituals that can be performed to The White Lady. If you wish to achieve success during those rituals then you should offer her the right offerings.

The following are some of the offerings associated with The Lady of Holy Death.


The Lady of Holy Death loves flowers. You can offer her roses, tuberose, gardenias, tulips or whatever you wish. The flowers must be freshly plucked because if you use withered flowers, it could attract bad luck and negative energy.

The most used flowers are:

White roses: This type of roses should be cleaned by removing the thorns, as much as possible.  White roses attract good health and prevent spiritual and natural diseases.

Red roses:  Red roses are linked with love, spiritual stability, passion, and desire.

Sweets and Honey: It is said that a chocolate is a love stimulator, so it is recommended that there be one on your altar. Sweets will help to discard negative energies and envy. Honey is also one of the ingredients that should not be missing, especially when carrying out moorings of love.

Wines and Liquors: The wine to offer is dependent on your personal taste. It is suggested that you change the wines frequently, at least twice a week or when necessary. You should always serve them in glasses, not plastic cups.  The most common wines recommended for Santa Muerte are:

  • Strong wines: Brandy, tequila, and rum.
  • Sweet wines: Sherry and anise.

Cigarettes: These shouldn’t be missing on her altar. After you have lit the cigarettes, place it next to her statue.  It is said that when you light a cigarette, one will be for you and another will be for your Santa Muerte.

The smoke from the cigarettes helps to remove envy from your home and workplace. It also helps to purify your altar.

Fruits: The fruit that you offer to your Santa Muerte should always be fresh, preferably red apples, since they are the most used. The yellow ones are used for some rituals related to money and you should always use three or four.

Water: This vital liquid is indispensable both in the material and spiritual world because through water we can channel the energy we feel.

Always use clear and clean water (tap water is better). Place the water, on your altar, in glasses. Ensure that the water placed on the altar is always clear because cloudy water means that there will be problems in the family. Whenever you notice a cloudy water, replace it quickly with a clear one.

If you notice bubbles in the water then that is a sign of success in your business endeavors. If your water remains unchanged then that means that there is a very good energy in your home and that all your requests would be granted.

Bread: Place a slice of bread on the altar and you can change it at least twice a week. The bread that is removed from the altar shouldn’t be thrown away but placed on the side of a tree or in a park.

Incenses: On your altar, you should place two or three straws (or cones), as it will help to clean the negative energy that may exist in your altar. The following incenses can be used:

Copal: This incense helps to purify the negative energy that surrounds us. It is also useful in rituals to open doors in business.

Sandalwood: This incense attracts economic prosperity, success and abundance.

Roses: This aroma is useful for love rituals since it awakens passion and sexual desire towards the couple.

Musk: Burning this incense will purify the environment and bring good health.

You can get some of the offering items from around you or you can order from our store too. When making rituals to Santa Muerte, you must have faith that she would provide the answers to your request. Finally, it is important to note that rituals to The White Lady should be done at night because that is when she is most active.


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