Ask Hoodoo Witch – I need help visualization and patience

I need help with developing my visualization, and to be patient!

Our client “David” from the Holland asks Savannah’s advice about casting a love spell for him after lack of communication from his current rootworker.

Note – we have edited the email sent to Hoodoo Witch for privacy and brevity.

“I’ve watched your youtube videos for a long time, and think you’re really great! Such an inspiration! I’m seeking consultation with you because I have a problem. A problem with love. I’ve been practicing magic and spellcasting on and off for 5-6 years now, and have no problems visualising / use magic to bring me a new job, apartment, money or stuff like that. But I just can’t make a love spell that works. I presume I’m to emotional in nature, and can’t focus on the result when it’s so close to the heart.

Now off to my story:

At the end of july this year I tried visualisation to bring someone into my life. Not a specific person, but just a girl, someone I could fall in love with. After being single for 3 years, I figured it was time to meet someone. One or two days later, I matched with a girl on Tinder (yes I use Tinder..). And she was just so amazing. She started to write to me first, and I felt directly that we had the same sence of humour (and she is very gorgeous as well, way above my league). We clicked instantly, and had so much fun together. I felt attracted to her, and she felt the same to me (I think). We were texting almost 24/7, and had a great time. There seemed to be some kind of connection between us, like we knew what the other one was thinking and doing. And we have so much in common, like music taste, humour etc.

I’m not the impulsive type, so I thought that maybe we could meet up sometime in the future. But she made me call her, and we talked for 2 hours on the phone. Felt like I knew her, nothing felt wierd or awkward. We decided that she should come and visit me the following weekend (first weekend of august). I looked forward to this very much, and so did she. We had a very nice time together. The sun was shining, we had a picknick, and everything was just great. Then she decided to stay the night at my place. We live in different citys, but with both train and buses going all the night, she didn’t just stay because she couldn’t get home.

I’m perhaps a shy person, and I’m really bad at taking initiative, so nothing happened between us that night. Just a small kiss (that I eventually took initiative to). We slept in the same bed, but she clearly wouldn’t let me touch her. Like a gentleman I didn’t try something out. After she left the following day, we have had almost no contact, just a couple of txts the two following days, and not at all like before. And now she’s totally ignoring me. We havn’t talked at all now for almost three weeks. Maybe she met someone else, or if I did something wrong.. I don’t know..

I just can’t get this girl out of my mind. I know it sounds silly, but I want her to text me, I want her to think of me and miss me, feel attracted to me, and love me. Such a crazy thing this is.. But at least I felt that there was some kind of connection between us.

After about a week feeling quite bad about this, I contacted a rootworker / conjurer to do communication and love / attraction work for me on this specific girl. But I don’t know if that work is done, because he won’t answer me. Perhaps I’ve been scammed..

Do you think there is something to do about my situation? And I’m worrying about there being a third part involved, a ”rival” so to speak.. I have checked out the various spells casting services on your site, but don’t know which one’s the best to use. Perhaps it take several spells to work.. And once a spell is cast, what should I do? Thought of summoning a demon as well, but perhaps that’s not the first step to take just for this matter. When I tried to summon Dantalion and making a pact with him/her, I never felt anything but pure calmness, no energies what so ever (so perhaps it didn’t work..).

I respect your work, and really want you to help me with casting a love spell (or whatever you think is the right ting to do). I am willing to do what it takes, I just want something, some help along the way to make this girl mine.

Please help me

Hi David

Thank you for being a supporter of my website and my YouTube channel. It seems that you’re having quite a wonderful journey in magic yourself.

You said that you had trouble in the visualization aspect of magic. However your story about visualizing the woman coming into your life, seemed like you were able to achieve a certain level of success with this technique.

From what it says in your email, it seems like you have more of a confidence issue then a visualization issue. You bring what you want into manifestation, but then you don’t hold it in the space, so then it dissipates. Having the energy to hold need to you what you want sounds like your next level of magical challenge.

I’ll have to ask you about other techniques u may have tried before. Have you been more successful at them if you’ve tried them ?

Onwards to your thoughts about the rootworker you are working with in this situation. What did you have them do? And when did you have them do it?   Many times HOODOO work isn’t just one single spell, and I know it’s exciting when you’re having spell work done for you, but there’s nothing much to report until the spellcaster completes his or her work. They may also be working with many clients, and as spiritual work isn’t about sitting on the computer answering emails all day, at the end of the day doing mental spiritual work, most of us do not want to be on the emails answering questions.

Spell-casters such as myself, my only choose to get onto emails a few times a week, and that’s why I tell people before they begin to work with me to understand the nature of spellcasting. We also give people a long list of frequently asked questions to her for two so it manages ones stress about being ripped off, or what is really happening in there spell.

Basically I am saying be patient with your Hoodoo worker and their results – if its only been recent that you hired them. No use getting someone like me to do work for you as well if you have hired someone already 😉

Then you’re trying to summon a demon to help you with your love life as well. I don’t know  how many times you’ve tried to summon a demon, however it’s not instant, and requires a lot of dedication to be able to work with spiritual energy. I think the biggest assumption is people expect demons to react immediately to our human needs, and provide what we want almost instantly.

NOTE – some hoodoo workers will not work with demonic spirits – so check how your guy feels about you doing this AND they are also doing your work. It maybe a spiritual conflict!

So, my question is, what would you like for me to do, considering the above questions and answers 😉

Blessings  Savannah

Response from Client

When it comes to visualisation and manifestation, I couldn’t agree more with you, with wht you said about holding on to  what I want. I tend to doubt myself, if I don’t see any results right away. If it’s something i need, instead of something I want (like money and job) there’s no problem, because there’s no emotions attached from my side. Just a “simple need”. Think that’s why those things work much better for me.

The techniques I have used is a jumble of different types of visualisation techniques. I rarely work with oils, herbs and other stuff associated with magic. A couple of times I’ve also tried candle magic. And I have tried the love spell on your youtube channel as well

The rootworker I’ve worked with did a 7 day communication and love / lust spell for me. I’m not sure which entities or spirits he’s working with. He started the work on the 13 of august, and promised to keep me updated, and give me an assessment one week later. I was recommended to work with him because of his success of his work. When one week went by, and I asked him how things were going (got friend with him on fb), he said “one more day, then you’ll get photos and assessment. And that’s been the mantra ever since then. Then I got angry, and now he’s not answering me (haha patience is not my thing..). But heard from another friend that he has indeed completed the work now. And it’s like you said, probably he’s busy, and I’m that pain in the ass that won’t stop write.

The problem with this rootworker, is that now I’m doubting him and his work, and perhaps that’s going to affect the outcome.

I’m more into dark magic, that’s my big interest. And summoning a demon is something that’s more “me” than hoodoo / voodoo work. But as I said, the rootworker had great results with other people..

Maybe I’m on the right way with summoning demon then, because I’m trying to honor them, and eventually if they want, we could make a pact. I’m quite good with feeling energies, and when I’m honoring them I can feel some kind of tingeling, but when I try to ask things from them, there’s nothing. But I guess it takes time 🙂

The thing I would like you to do, is to do some work on bringing this girl back into my life, and maybe plant a little seed of lust and love. Because I miss her (more than I probably should). Because I’m not having a good feeling about this rootworker of mine anymore, I don’t genuine trust him, and doubt in his work.

Savannah’s Response

If there’s one thing I really love about you already it’s your honesty. I’m saying that with my sense of humor and having a little laugh, because it’s so common for people to be impatient and expecting Harry Potter style magic, and communication and delivery of products and services.

You have to remember that your witch  is just a single person who is sharing services right now, but they have to stay focused the magic.

I’m telling you this because if your old worker or is annoying you after not communicating with you immediately, then I’m really going to bug the shit out of you. For example, I could do a love and lust spell for you and your situation,  however I’m going to tell you that firstly I do not guarantee magic at all, and anyone that does guarantee magic is delusional and deceptive. If I could guarantee the results I would be charging 20 times more for everything I do.

Secondly, we tell people that spells are going to be cast mostly according to the moon phase, and that when I cast a spell, it could be up to three weeks or four weeks before you’ll hear back for me.  I’m not going to make a whole bunch of small talk in the middle of doing this because I just don’t have the time in the day to answer questions about magical spells. This is why I had to introduce consultations into my magical offerings, as my time is my greatest commodity, and I just don’t have time to answer hundreds of people, asking thousands of questions.

I’m only sharing this with you honestly because I want you to have the right expectation if you were to choose to come  to me for a spell.

It’s cool to be impatient if you want to be, but it’s also affecting your  ability to recognize what is possible with magic, and therefore it affects your own ability to be able to visualize and effectively do your own magic.

So my final recommendation is that I could do a lust spell for you ,  however as I know nothing else about your situation with this other person until I cast a spell, once again I will say that nothing is guaranteed but I always do my best.

I hope this answers your questions, and once again it was a pleasure speaking with you.

Blessed beast

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