The Magickal Uses of High John The Conqueror Root

High John The Conqueror Root

High John the Conqueror Root is the root of Ipomoea Jalapa, a plant in the Morning Glory family. It is used in Hoodoo spells and as an amulet that attracts luck. Its name means power and prosperity to many. The magickal abilities of this root were discovered since ancient times.

Like many other Ipomoeas, some of which are psychedelic, this root is rich in alkaloids and is not ingested in magickal practice. This is because it is an extremely powerful laxative. It is used as an ingredient in making a mojo bag that attracts money, brings luck in games and enhances a person’s sexual strength. It is also used by those who intend to win court cases.

Who was John the Conqueror and why was this root named after him?

John was the son of an African King who was caught and subjected to slavery. As a black slave, he rebelled firmly against his masters. He was a very smart and intelligent man who could manipulate his master just to get things done his own way. When he succeeded in gaining freedom from his master, he became a source of inspiration to other slaves who wanted to rebel against their master but couldn’t do it openly.

He was a man who gave – only to take away. He bet – and never lost a game.  Sometimes he acted dumb but can never be intimidated. The reputation of High John was so great as recorded by Harry Middleton Hyatt Folklorist in the 1930s.

Although, there is a dispute amongst historians as to whether John was an actual person or a fictional character that was used to inspire slaves. Whatever might be the case, High John the Conqueror remains a powerful figure akin to the Coyote of Native America, or Loki of the Norsemen. His spirit is synonymous to Conjure and Hoodoo magick.

How to Use High John Root and Oil

For protection:

Get a black bag and fill it with Rue, Peppermint, Vetiver, and Onyx stone. Anoint a High John root with a protection oil and place it into the bag. Carry the bag wherever you go.

To protect your home from evil, anoint a High John Root with Protection Oil then dust it with a Circle of Protection Powder. Hang it at the entrance door or you can bury the root next to the door. If you have plants around the house entrance, you can bury it around that area.

For Luck:

Get a green bag then anoint a High John Root with High John the Conqueror Oil, and place it inside the bag. You can add a four-leaf clover or talisman of luck.

To Find Love:

Get a hair of the person you wish to cast the love spell on. Anoint a High John Root with Come to Me Oil, then wrap the hair around it. When meeting with your loved one, carry the root in a red flannel bag and you will notice that he/she would fall in love with you.

For Money:

Get a dollar bill then anoint a High John Root with a Money Drawing Oil. Wrap the root around the dollar bill. Make sure you fold it towards yourself and not away. The next thing to do would be to add nine pieces of Devil’s Shoestring and place all these in a red flannel bag.

For Gambling:

Get a red or green bag and put Five Finger Grass, an Alligator Foot, a Lucky Hand Root, and a pair of dice into it. Anoint a High John Root with Lady of Luck Oil or Fast Luck Oil then put it into the bag. Carry it on you when gambling.

For Power:

Get a red flannel bag with Angelica Root or white pieces of Bloodroot (for ladies). For the men, they can add Bitter Root, or Bloodroot (the red pieces). Anoint a High John Root with Crown of Success Oil and add it to your bag content. Carry it everywhere you go to achieve your desire.

Uses of High John The Conqueror Oil

This oil is often used externally. Depending on what you want you can either anoint your body, shoes, wallet, documents, business cards, mojo bag, talisman, amulets with the High John the Conqueror Oil. You can also mix a bit in your bath.

This oil is often mixed with other oils to achieve different magical intentions. You can also use it to draw crosses at the entrance to your house to dispel negativities and attract good luck and abundance. Click here to order for this product.




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