5 Different Ways of Talking to the Dead

Contrary to what you might think, talking to the dead is not something that only a seer can do. Indeed, everyone can talk to the dead, as long as you make the effort to communicate with them. We all have in us that spirituality which we must raise to the highest degree to succeed in speaking to the dead.

Do you have a dead loved one you would like to ask some questions? Or is there someone you miss so much and would love to get a glimpse of his/her face? There are different media that make communication with the dead easier. In this article, we shall look at the different tips that would enhance your communication with spirits.

Raise your degree of spirituality and speak to the dead yourself:

When you are desperate about talking to a dead person, begin by working on yourself.  Mold and focus your mind on achieving the task of communicating with spirits. You must avoid every feeling of fear because fear can attract uninvited negative entities to you.

You should carry out this ritual in a quiet place where nobody can disturb you. You have to sharpen your mind and try to focus a little more every minute that passes, until you are no longer aware of the physical world around you. Once in this state of trance, you could feel a presence and when you do, then it’s time to ask him questions.

Communication with spirits is done through the mind. Empty your head, create a picture of the person in your head and wait to feel his presence. Once you feel that the connection has been established between you and the spirit, ask your question and wait patiently for the answers.

During the communication, you can ask the spirit to show you some signs to indicate his presence. It is also necessary to ask your questions that require a ” yes or no” response.

Talking to the dead through seers:

If you do not want to embark on a long, tiring spiritual preparation to talk to a deceased fellow then you can always visit a seer who can help you in your quest. Some witchcraft professionals due to their years of experience usually find it easier to communicate and understand the spirits of the dead. But be careful of who you would choose because there are many fake seers too.

Speak to the dead using an object that belonged to him:

You can also try to connect with a particular spirit, whether it’s haunting your home or just wanting to talk to one of your loved ones, using an object that once belonged to the person in question. This connection is often strong if the dead person’s spirit is still strongly attached to the item being used.

If you have the object in your hands, it gives you the right to appeal to the person’s mind and to communicate with them. The object in question can be a book, a jewelry, a garment and other item that the person liked a lot during his lifetime. Go to the place where the person lived, hold the object in your hands and start talking.

 Speak to the dead with a prayer

You can also try to talk to the dead by reciting prayers. To do this, it is often necessary to pray for the eternal rest of the soul of the deceased to whom you want to speak to. You must understand that he is listening to you and is therefore sensitive to these prayers. You will then pray for the deceased to intercede on your behalf. It is possible for some deceased to intercede in favor of their offspring.

Speak to the dead using a mirror

You can also try to make contact with a spirit by using a mirror. It is not enough to stand in front of the mirror for this to happen. You must begin by calming your thoughts and emptying your mind. Stay in a quiet room where no one can disturb you then concentrate your thoughts on who you want to talk to.

Keep his image in mind and make his image appear slowly in your head. Open your eyes slowly and imagine that the image of your mind appears in the mirror. After that, you will be able to start asking questions slowly, one at a time, and listen to the voice in your mind to get the answers.


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