How To Make A Powerful Mooring Of Love

The moorings of love are spells that are made in order to keep a person by your side for as long as you want. A love tie implies that the subject who performs the spell makes a promise. Once the spell is done, nothing can separate them.

There is a wide variety of effective and powerful homemade love moorings you can try out. Below we have listed a few that can be easily done using most of the items found around us.

Ritual One

Love Mooring with magnets, candles and honey

Items needed:

  • two magnets,
  • a photo of you and one of the person you want,
  • a pink paper,
  • honey,
  • a pencil,
  • your favorite perfume,
  • a red candle and a white one.


  1. Draw a circle on the pink paper, then write the name of the person you want on top of yours.
  2. Place the two photos on an opposite position then place the two magnets in the middle.

Recite: “Just as the opposite poles are attracted, with the energy of this ritual let the person I want (mention his name) come to me and give me his love. Let him stay and stick with me as these two magnets serve as a representative. So be it. ”

  1. Then leave the pictures on the paper inside the circle and throw the honey over it. While doing this recite:

” Just as honey sweetens these magnets, let the heart and feelings of ………………be sweetened so that he wants to be with me eternally, so be it.”

  1. Then you have to take the photos, the pink paper and the honey and wrap them together with the magnets, making a small package. Spray the perfume and say:

“just like this perfume makes me smell good, may the person I want be nice to me.”

  1. Finally, put the candles on a plate, placing the white candle on the right and red on the left and say: “May this light illuminate the path of the person I want to come to me”
  2. Leave the candles there until they are completely burnt off.

Ritual Two:

Mooring with cinnamon

To make a love tie with cinnamon you will need:

  • cinnamon powder,
  • a red candle,
  • a picture of the person you want
  • and a red ribbon.


  1. To start light the red candle and put it close to the photo, look at it for a few minutes and imagine happy moments of the future that you could have with him/her.
  2. Then put the photo up and throw the cinnamon powder on top, while you say:

“With this magical mooring, I will have your heart forever with me, we will love and care for each other until the end of time. I invoke the power of red magic so that my request is met and fulfilled. It’s done”.

  1. Next, roll the photo, tie a red ribbon and bury it where nobody finds it.

Ritual three:

Love Mooring with chocolate

This spell only works if you already have a relationship with the person you want to keep by your side.

Items required:

  • Three leaves of fresh mint,
  • Grated coconut,
  • A small pot,
  • Chocolate,
  • Plastic wrap
  • And a red candle.


  1. Light a red candle and think of that special person.
  2. Next, place the chocolate in the pot and let it melt on a low heat and when that is done, turn off the heat.
  3. Add the three mint leaves one by one to the pot, reciting requests such as:

“I want you…………(mention the name) to always be by my side” or “I want you…… to fall in love with me”.

  1. Finally, add the grated coconut into the mixture and pour the chocolate on the film, let it cool and eat it.
  2. Do not forget to extinguish the candle when you are done.

There are many other love spells that you can perform. During these rituals, ensure to focus your heart on your request. Also, avoid any feelings of doubts because the moment doubt creeps in, then the spell might become ineffective.



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