The General Magickal Power of Cats

Cats are some of the most magical animals on earth. The cat’s aura is so great and can protect you, and your family from ghosts and negative spirits.  Cats do not only protect the house from evil spirits who enter, but they also protect the house from the negative energies that resided in the home before its arrival.

This is especially useful if you move to a house that was owned by other people before, or in a house where bad things happened. Note that having multiple cats would enable them to put their energies together in cleaning and draining out negative energies from the home.


When a cat feels a spirit in the house, he follows him to understand his intentions. To ensure that this astral entity does not threaten its territory, the cat makes every effort to expel it by moving its energy field. If that does not work, the cat traps the entity in its energy field and drives it out of the house.

So, pay attention to your cat and note if he is constantly returning to a certain place in the house, keeping a tense position, and fixing something. Such behavior may indicate an evil presence. To help your pet get rid of all evil spirits, perform a purification ritual in your home or you can just burn some white sage. Such is very effective at removing negative energy.

The astral field of the cat is so powerful that it can easily chase any negative entity. For this reason, people who communicate with spirits do not leave cats in the room where they are sitting because It can scare the astral beings. However, in some cases, the presence of cats during magic rituals is highly recommended.


The presence of cats will also protect you from evil eyes and curses. But to protect yourself from an evil eye, or during a conversation with a person with impure thoughts, you must keep your hands on the cat, using your left hand to stroke his neck, and your right hand to caress his tail.

In this case, you will be in direct contact with the animal. Your energy fields will gather in a single force field that will keep you safe even during powerful attacks.

Since cats are conduits of cosmic energy, they can bring positive energy into the home, which will contribute to the well-being and prosperity of the whole family. Cats like to be in places where energy is strong.


Cats have excellent healing powers. Cats of any race and color are able to heal their masters. To get healing from a cat, just caress it, to release all the mental and emotional stress. Cats also improve vision. For this, some healers recommend stroking the tail of a white cat.


People who want to enjoy the magickal properties of the animal must know how to choose a cat. In some cases, you need a black cat, and in others a red cat. When choosing a cat for a magical process, it is very important to take its color into consideration.




Sorcery, occult powers, protection, deep magic! Despite all the superstitions, they eliminate the negative energy of households, grant wisdom and discernment!


Male power, solar power, Yang energy. No matter what kind of cat they are, they represent the magic of wealth, money, and concentration.

BLUE (gray, smoked gray):

Cats of this color bring love, happiness, good fortune, as well as emotional stability and sensual peace!


This cat and the wizard create lunar magic, and have powerful healing powers! It gives a feeling of beauty and admiration, relieves stress, and gives healing energy.  In America, it is considered a good omen.


The royal color! Cats of this color bring fame, success, longevity, and contribute to solar magic.


Calico cats bring good luck on land and at sea, protect the home and family from harm, bring happiness and prosperity!


According to legend, two-colored cats are the best mouse hunters and are adorable. They bring the energy of wisdom, understanding and common sense!


Playful, wise, majestic, grants grace and helps to master the secular wisdom and solar magic.

Other Uses:

When the different parts of cat are used in a ritual, they can also spice up the effectiveness of the ritual.  For example, during the Ancient Egyptian time, it is believed that when the blood of a black cat is mixed with certain herbs, it serves as a powerful charm that is used to ward off diseases.

The ashes of a black cat were very useful to magicians. Also, some cats were used in preparing invisibility spells. Since cats are known to walk in between worlds, their whiskers and furs are very useful in protection spells and other rituals.


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