Santa Muerte: The Powerful Lady of Death

Santa Muerte is a popular Mexican deity who personifies death. This figure is represented as a skeleton, dressed up like one of the saints.  Churches like the Catholics, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, among others, reject and condemn the veneration of this deity as they consider it as a demonized rite.

Santa Muerte is associated with the healing, protection, and safe delivery to the afterlife and despite the condemnation by the Christian body, her religion has grown immensely. Her earliest temple is the Shrine of Most Holy Death which is located at Enriqueta Romero in Mexico City

Other Names:

There are many other names given to this popular figure, and they include; Our Lady of Holy Death, Lady of Night, White Lady, Lady of Shadows, Black Lady, Skinny Lady, Bony Lady, etc.


The image of this deity is often dressed differently depending on what is being requested. She is usually dressed in robes of different colors but her most common attire is being dressed as a bride or a nun.

During her worship, the colors of the candles and vestments are usually associated to the petition being made. White symbolizes gratitude, purity and it is used during rituals for cleansing of negative energies. Red color is used for love rituals. Gold represents economic power, money, success, prosperity while green is used for justice and legal matters.

Blue candles and images of the saint are used to indicate wisdom. Brown is used when invoking spirits while purple and yellow are used to symbolize health.

During her rituals, her worshippers may offer her a polychrome seven color candle. According to Chesnut, this was adopted from the seven powers candle in Santeria. In addition to the candles and vestments, her devotees adorn their images in different and unique ways using U.S dollars, jewelry, gold coins and other items.

Day of Celebration:

Our Lady of Holy Death has different dates of celebration. On November 1, she is usually celebrated at her Historic Tepito Shrine in Mexico. On this day her famous effigy is dressed as a bride. Meanwhile, in some other locations, she is celebrated on August 15.

Weapon:             Scythe

Animals:              Owl

Artifacts               Globe, scale of justice, hourglass, oil lamp

Symbol:               Human female skeleton clad in a robe

Working with Santa Muerte:

Our Lady of Holy death is a very powerful deity. Her powers include love, good health, fortune, healing, safe passage, prosperity, protection against assaults, against witchcraft, against gun violence, and sudden death. People who work at night such as prostitutes, armed robbers, police, bar owners, etc.. often consult her for protection.

The altar of The Skinny Lady is often decorated with her images, cigarettes, fruits, flowers, incense, water, alcoholic beverages, candles, candies and coins. It is said that those who have faith in her would always get the miracles that they ask for.

Note that every ritual or spell with Santa Muerte must be performed at night, or from the moment it has darkened. This is because that is the time that she often comes out with great energy.

Request with candles

It is done at 12 o’clock on the night of November 1 or October 31. Twelve candles are used, one for each month of the year and different colors, except black. The person must pray and ask for love, money, health and prosperity. 

Blood Pact

The person who has a request places a little of his blood in a glass cup. Then, around a picture of her, 12 candles are lit and prayers are repeated along with the requests that are made. In the end, the blood is sprayed on the lit candles. According to Salvador, the person who makes this type of pacts becomes thin and constantly lacks energy because his energy is absorbed by Santa.

Also, the White Lady loves people that show gratitude to her so whether she has answered your prayers or not, you must always be grateful to her.


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