Rituals Performed to Our Lady of Holy Death

Santa Muerte is a figure that personifies death. Despite having a Mexican origin, Santa Muerte has many devotees throughout the world and she is being venerated in many cults and religions. This is because of her mighty power and her ability to grant requests quickly.

Santa Muerte has been proven to be effective in love, money, protection, job, and many other spells. It is important to note that rituals to this goddess must be performed at night. In this article, we shall look at some spells that can be performed with her.

1.Santa Muerte Spells to get a job.

Do you wish to perform a spell to get a job? If yes, then try out this spell with a lot of faith and you will get that your dream job.


  • 1 coconut
  • 1 sprout of basil.
  • 1 bottle of coconut essence.
  • 1 sprig of mint.
  • 1 bottle of cream or lotion of the Lady of Holy death.
  • 1 white candle of the Lady of Holy death.
  • 1 bottle of 1-liter liquor.
  • 1 image of the Lady of Holy death.
  • 1 container.

Steps to perform this ritual:

  • Fill the container with a least 10 liters of water then pour the coconut water, brandy, coconut essence, lotion or cream into it.
  • Add the herbs into the container and mix everything very well.
  • Go to your bathroom and bathe with this powerful mixture.
  • Rub yourself with branches of the herbs and while doing this, focus your mind on your intention.
  • Pray unto Santa Muerte to grant you what thou seeketh.
  • At the end of the ritual bath, dress in a clothing that is light in color.
  • Take the white candle of the Lady of Holy death and start cleaning from the head, down to the arms, trunks and the feet, while asking the Lady of Holy death to illuminate all your ways.
  • Then light up the candle and place it in front of the image of Santa Muerte that you have inside of your home.

2. Santa Muerte Ritual to Fight the Evil Eye:

If you or your loved one, feel that they are suffering from an attack of an evil eye then you can perform this ritual and ask the Lady of Holy death to get rid of the evil. This ritual is commonly done by mothers who wish to protect their children from evil entities.

Ingredients required:

  • 1 outbreak of epazote.
  • 1 bud of chamomile.
  • 1 sprout of basil.
  • 1 sprout of rue.
  • 1 coconut
  • 1-meter thin white ribbon.
  • 1 aromatic candle with coconut smell.
  • 1 newspaper.
  • 1 image of Santa Muerte.

Steps to perform this ancient ritual:

  • Join all the shoots of the herbs and tie them with the white ribbon, so that it is shaped like a bouquet. Then proceed to open the coconut and remove all the water, then place the herbs bouquet into the coconut.
  • Then take the bouquet in your hand and pass it around the head, down the arms, the body and the feet of the person you wish to cleanse.
  • Place the bouquet in the newspaper, and split it out, then you’ll wrap the bouquet in the same newspaper, and throw it in the trash without anyone seeing it.
  • Take the candle with the smell of coconut and without lighting it, perform the same cleaning process that you have done with the bouquet of herbs. Start from the head, arms, body, and to the feet of the affected person.
  • Finally, light the candle and say this prayer with great faith:

“My great lady, today I come to ask and humbly beg you

to please take the evil eye from the body of……( say the name of the person who is sick),

so that she can have spiritual, physical and mental health.

My lady, transform the light I offer you in this candle:

In health and well-being for (repeat and say again the name of the sick person) and do not allow the disease to enter her body.

Thank you, my lady, for all the favors received. So be it.”

After saying these prayers, put the candle in front of your image of Santa Muerte. You should leave it there until it burns off completely.

A Prayer to Our Lady of Holy Death.

Mighty Blessed One, listen to my prayers

so that your help may come to me, I ask for your protection

in this difficult situation that I am going through,

you know the pain I am suffering from,

I have a very difficult problem (make a request),

I know that you will solve.

Most Holy Santa Muerte,

I ask for your great support, I ask you from my heart,

do not leave me alone at this moment because it

is when I need you the most.

My little white girl, guide me on the way,

go ahead of me to put aside everything bad,

now all the doors are going to open,

thanks to your powerful hands, you can

help me, move away from my bad vibrations and

my problems will disappear.

Most holy,

save me from the problems that afflict me,

for the love that I have for you, help me in this hour.

It’s a very difficult situation, but I trust you,

I know you will solve it.

Santa Muerte, I seek your sacred consolation,

remove from my path any obstacle that affects my

tranquility, I know that my solution is on the way and that

you will hear my desperate voice because  you

know how much I am suffering.

Powerful Santa Muerte, give me strength and will,

I can not stand it anymore, I put my last hopes in you.

My lady, bless me with your strength and wisdom,

 with your power grant me the solution to this problem,

(Make the request).



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