How to Cast Love Spells Using White Roses

Love is a beautiful thing and most individuals are always in search of love. One funny thing about love is that, you could fall in love with a person and instead of being loved in return you get rejected and that can be very painful.

Roses are flowers that are very special to sorcerers, witches, and all those who practice magic. From time immemorial, the perfume of roses was widely used to clear certain evil spirits and scare away ghosts. That’s where the custom of placing roses on top of graves originated.

White Roses are synonymous to innocence, purity and they inspire the most genuine feelings of love. Today, we will like to show you a spell using white roses to make an individual fall in love with you. This spell is old and powerful especially when done correctly.

Preparatory Steps:

  • Getting the White Rose:

Get five white roses from a rosebush.  You should get these five roses on a night when the moon is in the first quarter. This is very important and you can do it during the seven days of this moon. The moon must be in crescent because that is when the flower is filled with its energy.

  • You will need a vase:

Get a transparent vase and the person you wish to cast the love spell on should have access to the vase.

  • Cut the flowers:

Get a stem and measure the length of your left hand. Cut the five white roses with a stem that is equal to the size of your left hand then place the flowers into the vase that has, in turn, the height of your two hands also extended.

  • Draw a circle:

Measure the width of your body with your both legs opened then using a chalk, draw a circle that must have the same width. Place the vase on the center of the circle then stand in front of the vase and recite:

 “By the great Anahiel and by all the spirits of love, I give and place my own heart in these five white roses, that he looks at them and approaches me and falls in love with me, so be it.”

After the recitation, kneel down and kiss each of the flowers and as you do so, meditate on how much you would wish to make your target fall in love with you.

  • Keep the vase where your target would see it:

It does not matter where, how, or when, but you should put the vase in a place that he can see it.  Preferably, you can place the vase on a spot on the left so that upon observing it, he would turn a little to his left side and walk towards it. After he/she has seen the vase with the five white roses then he would certainly get trapped by the spell.

To be successful in this spell, you must follow the steps carefully. Also, you must maintain a positive and hopeful mindset that it would work for you before, during and after the process.


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