Candle Work: Intranquil Spirit Candle



  • your strayed lover has been apart from you for quite some time
  • there is no open communication between you currently
  • there are distance/location issues
  • they are currently in a relationship with someone else.



Other names: El Anima Sola

Color: Red

The Intranquil Spirit is a tortured earthbound group of souls.These souls are thought to be damned sould of those who were wicked in their lifetime. There are other theories that you are summoning a demon when you call upon the Intranquil Spirit. When working with the intranquil spirit, you could be working with a  different one each time.

The Intranquil Spirit can torture, haunt, and cause all manner of havoc and turmoil upon on your targets mind and emotions to the point that all they can think of is you and returning to you.  And they will have no peace until they do so.

The Intranquil Spirit is considered a black magic spell originating in Mexican Spiritism and Brujeria but which has been adopted for use by various witches of many traditions.

There are many different variations of the Prayer to the Intranquil Spirit, for different purposes. Below are some examples. Let me know which one you would prefer when I am performing your working for you.


Suggested Idea for Candle Work:

  • Dress the intranquil spirit candle with COME TO ME OIL
  • Write your lovers name 9 x on the parchment
  • Write your name from one corner to the next, then the same from the other sides corner- making an X on the paper


  • Best burning together with a Black Tobacco Candle


Don’t summon anything you cannot banish.  Sometimes the spirit will require more and more offerings and it will be endlessly “hungry” for more.


(This prayer is typically written on the back of the candle, however BWC has modified for our needs.)


O, Intranquil Spirit, You that in Hell are wandering and will never reach Heaven, Hear me, o, hear me.

I want you to grasp the five senses of (name of lover) And do not let (him/her) rest in peace, Neither seated nor standing, Walking nor sleeping,

That (he/she) should find (himself/herself) As desperate as the waters of the seas And as torn as the wind in the storm Until (he/she) returns to me,

That (he/she) should run and run Until (he/she) humbly falls at my feet

Because nobody will help (him/her) And that neither a divorced (woman/man) Nor a married (woman/man) A (widow/widower) Nor a virgin (woman/man) Shall ever love (him/her) But only me and me alone.

(Name of lover), I conjure you Before (your deity’s name), That you are to run after me As the living run after the morning And the dead run after the night

So Be It

A Petition we Loved!

Here is a great petition. This woman is very clear on what she is asking from spirit!

Petition below.
(V) you son of a bitch, i cant help but to hate you right fucking now..You left me fuckin feelin sad, empty, and with alot of doubts, I feel like you were fuckin with my emotions, and for that I want you to fuckin pay. I hope that you wont be able to sleep, eat, rest, focus, relax, go to work hang out with family and friends, have sex….I hope that you and  (R) l stay at each others fuckin throats and break the fuck up..I hope she leave yo ass, and no other women look at your sorry  using ass.I hope that I am on your mind all day and all fuckin night giving you sleepless night worse than the sleep apnea.i hope that nothing goes your way til you call me, and come see me. You need  to make shit right with us.I need a fucking apology…come back begging for my forgiveness..Take responsibility, for your actions.
I hope everything in your life goes wrong til you come back to me and beg my forgiveness. What you did to me was fucked up, I thought I meant more to you than that..fucking bitch ass…fuck you.
Feel my fucking pain. For each tear i shed I hope you suffer with guilt, sadness, and tears 10 times more, and, and wont able to move forward til you make shit right with us

Source:  Black Witch Coven. With permission

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