Hexenspiegel: The Witches’ Protection Mirror

A hexenspiegel is a small mirror used as a protective charm to reflect and return negative energy to the sender. These mirrors can be placed in the house or worn as jewelries. Since ancient times the hexenspiegel has been used as an important tool for defense and protection against dark arts. Mirrors made of polished pieces of gold or silver, sometimes also copper were used to reflect evil intentions back to the sender. The more the bad person struggles to send more and more negativity, the more it reflects to him. 

The hexenspiegel come in two forms. The first one is a clear mirror while the other is a clear mirror which has been sanded lightly in order to make it less opaque and less reflective. These mirrors provide full protection against negative energy. The hexenspiegel reflects the incoming negative energy three times. Besides, when a witch tries to cast an evil spell on someone who owns a hexenspiegel, she is often warned by the mirror to steer clear but if she decides to continue with the spell then it would reflect the evil sent.

Do you feel like there is an evil eye monitoring you? Do you often experience bad luck, failure and ill health?  Then you need to cleanse and protect your aura using this mirror. Any less sophisticated mirror can be transformed into your magical hexenspiegel just ensure that the mirror is made of highly polished metal and the purer the better.

In any specialized store or glassware, you can find many sophisticated mirrors but what you would need is a simple mirror. A pure squared glass mirror of about fifty centimeters per side would be okay.

You will need to carry out some rituals to consecrate, purify and charge your mirror into a magical hexenspiegel.


This ritual should be done after sunset.

  • Place the mirror on the ground.
  • Place a candle at the right and left side of the mirror.
  • Sit at the middle and meditate on what you want the mirror to do for you.
  • Repeat these procedures for three days then place a black candle on the right and a white one on the left.
  • Light it up then meditate on the protection you wish to get from the mirror.
  • Ensure to focus on your desires and let your eyes be closed.
  • Open your eyes after few minutes then fix your gaze on the mirror while meditating on your desires.
  • You can recite:

“With the power of my energy,

 With the power of my reflections

I request that in the same way that you reflect my image on your surface,

Reflect out of me all negativity and all evil.

I ask that the evils that come to me return to the one who provoked them. “

After few minutes of reflection on these invocations or similar, you can end the ritual and extinguish the candles. If you perform this ritual while in trance you might see gray images or clouds that will begin to take shape. If you are not able to see spirits, be patient as such ability comes with steady practice.

You can use the mirror as pendants and wear it always for protection. Also, place these mirrors in your house, garden, under your bed and every vulnerable spot in your home. It will protect your home and family members from evil entities.

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