The Uses of Incense in Voodoo Rituals

According to Historians, the use of incense is said to have originated from the Middle East, in the oldest civilizations. It was used in ancient Egypt and Israel, and was brought to Japan by Buddhist monks.

The Japanese perfected and acquired diverse presentations of incense. They became the largest producers of incense in the world and also designed different incense storage methods.

The use of incense is a common practice in voodoo religion as the aroma of the incense is used to attract the voduns and to dispel unwanted entities. The following are the uses of different incense:

Cedar wood:

Just like other wood incense, cedar is an associate of fire. This incense denotes power and strength. It is good to light it in a newly built house to empower and strengthen the vicinity. It is also used in virility rituals for men.

Sandalwood: Sandalwood is an associate of fire and water, and at the same time seen as a sacred wood. It is ideal for sanctification and purification of the environment.


Also called Frankincense, this Incense is used to promote calmness, bring peace in conflict situations and reestablish friendship. Frankincense aids meditation and promotes body healing.


It is an associate of fire and ideal for rituals that incite desire and lust.


Lavender incense promotes beauty and attraction so it is perfect for love and attraction rituals.


Jasmine is associated with love, attraction and beauty. Jasmine focuses more on mental and emotional connections than on physical attraction. It is an important ingredient in friendship spells.


This incense is used to promote passion, lust and sexual desire. You can light it up during sex to increase your desire and pleasure. Cinnamon incense is also an effective energy enhancer.


Vanilla incense is an associate of air and is commonly used for spells on intelligence, academics and work.


This incense increases mental clarity, concentration and intelligence. Lotus is normally used for meditations and studies.


This incense is used when seeking for favor from the gods. Due to its association to the sun, myrrh enhances the effectiveness of rituals done without the intent of harming another. It is an effective purifier too.


It is used to restore balance, realign the energies, create barriers and protection against bad waves, and remove the bad influences of negative magic. Musk incense is associated with the earth.


This incense is associated with sleep and is used in rituals to induce lucid dreams. Burning it at night provides you with sound sleep and sweet dreams.

Patchouli: The strong aroma of patchouli is associated with happiness and enjoyment.


This incense is used in love, lust and attraction rituals. Unlike Jasmine, it is more focused on physical attraction than emotional attraction.

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