Tips on How to Read your Palms Easily

Palmistry is the act of predicting a person’s personalities and fortune by analyzing the individual’s palm, fingernails, and arms. It is also called Chiromancy. Since ancient time, this method has been used to predict a person’s traits, health, career, marriage, wealth, wisdom, and many more aspects.

The reading of the hand can be entertaining, enjoyable and can reveal something about you that you did not know.Would you like to know how to read your palm? If yes, then keep reading.

Choosing the Right Palm:

It is often said that the left hand of the woman and the right hand of the man are read. These hands usually offer the best, clearest lines and are considered the dominant hand.

Actually, both of your hands play great importance in palmistry. While the left hand represents the physical and material things you were born with, the right hand represents what you would become after you have grown up. For this reason the right hand is considered dominant in palm reading while the left acts as supplement.


Steps to take when reading your palms

  1. Identify the Big lines on your palm

Start by identifying the big lines of your palm:

  1. Heart line (1)
  2. Line of the head (2)
  3. Line of life (3)
  4. Line of destiny, not everyone has it (4)


  1. The Line of the Heart:

It begins on the left side of the hand and curves upward toward the index finger. The heart line shows your emotions and everything related to love.


  • If this line starts just below the index finger, then you are satisfied with your love life.
  • If the line starts just below the middle finger, this means that you have a materialistic and selfish view of love.
  • If the line starts between the middle and index fingers, this means that you fall in love too easily.
  • A straight, short line indicates a lack of interest in romance, as well as sexual desire.
  • A line that points down and touching the line of life means that it is easy to break your heart.
  • A long row with curves means that you freely express emotions.
  • A line that is parallel (to the head line) and straight means you have good control over your emotions.


  1. The Line of the Head:

The line represents your intellect and mental state. It starts on the right side of the hand and ends in parallel with your ring finger.


  • A curved line means that you are creative and a short line means that you lean towards physical achievements instead of mental achievements.
  • If your lifeline separates from your head line, this means that you are adventurous and enthusiastic about life.
  • A wavy line indicates a lack of deep thought and a short attention span.
  • A deep, long, horizontal line indicates that you are focused and think clearly.
  • A straight line indicates realistic thinking.
  • A broken line of head means that you are unconscious in thought.
  • Multiple crosses along the line of the head mean transcendental decisions.


  1. The Line of Life:

It begins on the right side of your hand near the edge and ends near the wrist. This line is also known as the vital line. The lifeline shows what kind of life you have, how long your life will be and how your quality of life will be.


  • A lifeline close to the thumb indicates chronic fatigue, while a curved line indicates a large amount of energy.
  • A long, deep line indicates a vital and healthy life.
  • A short and superficial line means that your life is controlled by others.
  • A narrow, straight line to the end of the palm means that you stay out of relationships and are very cautious.
  • A line that forms a half circle indicates passion and strength.
  • More than one lifeline indicates a positive force of vitality around you.
  • If there is a break, it means a sudden change of life.


  1. The Line of Destiny:

This line is located at the base of the palm and it is used to determine the occurrences in a person’s life that are  beyond his control.


  • Deep line means that you are strongly controlled by destiny.
  • Ruptures and changes of direction mean that you are prone to many changes in life generated by external forces.
  • If it starts at the base of the thumb and goes beyond the lifeline, it means that you have the support of your family and friends.

To add to the lines mentioned above, there are many more deep lines that a professional hand reader will explain. Your palm lines will change as you go through life so you can read it after few years to see if anything has changed.



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