How to Make a Magical Wishes Box

Since ancient times, Magicians and Witches had wishes boxes which are incorporated with their personal energy. With the help of the elements and the gods, these boxes increase their magical power and success of the rituals. The box is one of those magical instruments..

The magical wishes box isn’t just any box to the witch because she loves it so much and wouldn’t let it go so easily. Do you want the universe to attract everything that you desire? Then it’s time to create your magical wishes box.

How to prepare your magical wishes box

Find a box that you like, it could be a small wooden, regular or chocolate box , or it can be made from anything. Although, most people prefer wooden box because it attracts positive energy and dispel negative energies.

After selecting your box decorate it according to your wishes; with stones, shells, drawing magic symbols etc. Then place it on your altar for a consecration ritual to charge your box with magical energies. On the lid of your box, ensure to make a small slit through which you can pop in your wishes as they occur to you.

Below are some suggested symbols to use for your wish box:

Love & Marriage – gingerbread

New Job – copper coin

Seeking the Truth – sprig of rosemary

Abundance – silver coin

Difficult Task – glove

Health and Healing– blue & green ribbon entwined

To find a lost Item – feather

Protection –old key

Happiness, Good Luck – cinnamon stick

Seeking Knowledge – apple


The Concentration Ritual


  • On your altar, around the bowl of salt, incense and white candle, place the box on a mat or white towel
  • Open the lid of the box and visualize the energy entering the box.
  • Light the incense, take a deep breath then turn to the east and recite a ritual phrase:

“ Oh! Ye East! Oh Ye Power of the Air, I dedicate this box to you. It will be my personal ‘well of magic’. I intend that it becomes a magical tool to assist me in my transformations and the fulfillment of my wishes. I transform this box into a magical container filled with mystery, magic and miracles.”

  • Monitor the movement of the incense smoke. As soon as it enters the box, light a new candle, turn to the south and concentrate the box to the element of fire.
  • Repeat the procedure for all the cardinal points.
  • To add magic to the box, you can put some crystal into it, anoint with oil, and add some petals or a tiny bell.
  • During the concentration process, meditate deeply on your reason for creating the box.

With this ritual, your “ordinary” box becomes a real box of wishes.

How to make your wishes come true:

  • Take a piece of paper, write your name on it and sign.
  • Light up the candle ( the color of the candle is dependent on your request).
  • Place your wish with some red petals in the box.
  • Recite your intention three times and close the box.
  • For seven days call upon the gods of magic every night one hour before going to bed and in morning within an hour of waking up.
  • Call upon your gods, goddesses and angels to grant your wishes.

If you desire to travel to any place or buy a house, just put a picture of your desire into the box and be hopeful, sooner than you thought your wishes might just come through. If you skip any of the prayer time, start all over for another seven days. Also be at alert to signs of the manifestation of your desires.

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