Candle Work: John The Conqueror

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John de Conquer was an African prince, some now consider to be like a saint, who was unbroken by slavery (he was sold into American slavery). Despite his enslavement, his spirit was never broken and he survived in folklore as a sort of a trickster figure, because of the tricks he played to evade his masters. (1)

Folk law also says John feel in love with Lilith:

John falls in love with the Devil’s daughter. The Devil sets John a number of impossible tasks: he must clear sixty acres (25 ha) of land in half a day, and then sow it with corn and reap it in the other half a day. The Devil’s daughter furnishes John with a magical axe and plow that get these impossible tasks done, but warns John that her father the Devil means to kill him even if he performs them. John and the Devil’s daughter steal the Devil’s own horses; the Devil pursues them, but they escape his clutches by shape-shifting.(1)

Overcoming adversity is his spiritual gift to those who choose to tap into his spiritual energy. His root is a powerful ingredient in conjure and witchcraft work to encourage happiness and enduring strength. His legacy is one of luck, love, success and achievement and through his root.hign johncandle

You can find 3 types of John The Conqueror candles, that you can “Dress or Anoint” with John The Conqueror oils or John The Conqueror powders, for your magical goal:

  •  GREEN John The Conqueror – green candle with this oil for success, luck and money,
  •  PINK John The Conqueror – pink candle for love and devotion;
  •  PURPLE John The Conqueror (most popular) purple candle for removing obstacles and added protection.

Folklaw says, John placed his spiritual powers in the plant known as Ipomoea jalapa or Ipomoea purga, a powerful plant species introduced to the slaves by the American Indians. The street name for the root is now High John the Conqueror root.
High John Root 1oz (ipomoea Jalapa)

“Only possess that root, and he can be summoned at any time.” (1)

High John the Conqueror root is affiliated with the element of fire, and can be used to “burn away” curses and obstacles and start new with a refreshed, confident spirit. Light  High John Power Incense to help remove obstacles from a problem, and become unstuck.

You may also wish to use:

John The Conqueror Perfume – Obstacles are in everyones life. High John was a prince who overcame all adversity. Succeed now with this excellent scent

John The Conqueror Spiritual bath –    may be added to ritual bath water or to wash water for ritual use in cleaning floors, walls, windows, etc.

4oz High John Floor Sweep

High John The Conqueror Oil With Root 4 Dram – The root can also be transformed into a tincture and used in court cases, on legal paperwork

Other High John Uses & Ideas:

  • Talisman –
    • The dried root can also be carried with you as a talisman to stop depression, draw courage and to protect one from spells and hexes.
    • Carry High John root in a green bag to draw luck, money and power.
    • Carry the root in a red bag with the lock of hair of the one you admire to draw his or her love.
    • If used in sexual spells it is important that the root used be whole and unblemished. It is likely that the root acquired its sexual magical reputation because, when dried, it resembles the testicles of a dark-skinned man (1).
    • Dried pieces and chips of the root are used in formulating oils and washes that are used in other sorts of spells.
  • High John Root 1oz (ipomoea Jalapa)
  • Green Velveteen Bag
  • Red Velveteen Bag




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