How to Cast a Voodoo Marriage Spell

There are different reasons why a happy love story ends in a separation. Some examples include; infidelity of your spouse or being unable to make your partner love you. For these reasons and many more you might need a voodoo marriage spell to strengthen your bond.

Erzulie is the senior spirit of the Petro family in Haitian Vodou. She is the African goddess of love, beauty, jewelry, dance, lavishness and flowers. If you desire a happy marriage and relationship then you might need the help of this goddess.

She is known to support 3 wedding rings, one for each husband. The voodoo marriage spells are known to work faster and last longer.

Do you have someone you have been dating for a long time but he isn’t willing to marry you? Do you wish to make your lover propose marriage to you in a short interval? We shall guide you on a voodoo spell that will fulfill your marriage desires.

How to perform a Voodoo marriage spell:

Ritual One:

Items needed:

  • A paper
  • Pen
  • Lovers picture
  • Red candle
  • Honey
  • Apple


  • Get a picture of your lover.
  • On a piece of paper write your lover’s full name and date of birth.
  • Impregnate the picture with the honey.
  • Place the picture at your right just in front of the candle and apple.
  • Close your eyes and visualize your lover’s proposal to you. Meditate on how you want the marriage to be.
  • Then invoke the power of the goddess by reciting this:

Oh! Awesome and wise Erzulie, goddess of the voodoo master,

Make (name of the person) to build his future with me,

May his eyes be my eyes, may his voice be my voice and may his love be my love,

I implore that his life and mine be made one and that we are together forever,


At this point, you can end your ritual with a strong faith then expect the manifestations of the marriage spell as soon as possible.

Ritual Two:

Items needed:

  • A personal item of your lover for example; a hair strand, watch or any of their valuable objects.
  • A large ring, preferably a napkin ring,
  • Pink candles,
  • Ylang- ylang incense or oil,
  • A red or pink square piece of cloth.


You are expected to start up this spell on a Friday one week to the appearance of the full moon. So it should be carried out for seven nights with the final night being the full moon night.


  • Light up the red or pink candle.
  • Purify the room by burning the Ylang ylang incense.
  • Create a sacred space for the ritual.
  • Choose a love song to play while you reflect on your request.
  • Run your loved one’s personal item through the oil or incense then hold it close to the candle flames.
  • While focusing on the proposal, repeat the above step using the napkin ring.
  • Place your lovers personal item into the napkin ring and recite:

“With the love in my heart,

With that love that is ours,

I implore the power of the Earth and Stars,

You … (mention the person’s name) shall seek to be engaged to me,

You shall offer wedding proposals,

Down the marriage aisle is where we will be,

By the powers of three times three,

As I will it, so might it be!” 


At this point you are expected to wrap the personal item into the red or pink cloth then hide it under your lover’s bed. Repeat the ritual steps for seven days and on the last night which is the full moon night, bury the candles remnants with your lover’s item under a rose bush.

As you leave the burial site, never look back and stay away from the rose bush for some time. You can revisit the rose bush with offerings after your spell has worked.

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