Ask Hoodoo Witch – Help with lack of success and past curses on a budget

I need help with lack of success and past curses on a budget

Our client “E” from the UK purchased some items from our store, however, we asked him to tell us why he was ordering the products to ensure he was getting the best possible advice and products….for his budget. We changed the order to consider the cost of posting jar candles from the USA to the UK, and for a better all around strategy for moving forward with success.

Note – we have edited the email sent to Hoodoo Witch for privacy and brevity.

“.. long story short..i’m trying to rebuild my life….i lived in ghana till i was 7 with my grandparents then moved to england to join my parents and my older sister who is the eldest of us brother lived in ghana and would come and visit every few years..on one occasion he told me how much he hated me and as much said that he would do something to me..long story short..when i reached the age of around 25 i’d noticed that every year since 14-15 things would get a little seemed my friends gradually were turning against aura had changed where i think every year till 25 i noticed people viewed me negatively..i think my family had a lot to play in what happened to me..i think in some way they wanted to control me seeing me as the one with potential to succeed..but i rebelled and won’t put it past their narcissism to do something..which comes back to my present situation with them which i will leave till the end…when i came from ghana my dad took me to see a witch doctor…as a child i was often sick with convulsions so i was made to wear a bracelet around my ankles anyway my dad to me so we could have them removed….anyway i went to see a clairvoyant who told me a love rival had put a curse on my mum when she was pregnant with me and that i was surrounded by a lot of people jealous of me ,but she could my regret i thought about it and decided not to out of religious my final year of uni everything came crashing this time my friends were openly backstabbing i had to drop out in my final semester since it got too father had left my mum when i was 18 to move in with the woman some say was my mothers love rival..theres a lot of tribalism in ghanian culture especially back then my father is ashanti and my mum is infanti

 so his parents didn’t want them together coupled with the fact my mum already had two kids..(sorry if this seems too long..but i’ve had enough of the jealousy and evil eye i get from people always trying place obstacles in my path..majority complete i want to put this nightmare to bed..its stolen too much of my life as it hopefully a complete background will give you the best idea as how to advise me)….anyway i prayed to god for help since i had exhausted all my efforts and i came across some african spiritualists/clairvoyants who promised me he’d all honesty he has..a great deal..he gave me things to wash with and drink..i asked him to treat me naturally since i still had religious ignorance so fo about 10 years he helped..its only been the last 3years things have started getting better..but it seems i’m still stuck around people with negative intentions towards me..he told me that things started hapenning to me around the age of 13 which made me think of my this time i knew my family was against me so i cut them off completely my mother included.but i couldn’t bring my self to harm them. 2years ago my nephew reached out to me on facebook and out of guilt i went back..after a few months the same negativity started again..its like as if they knew i had got help and wanted to harm me all over day i found my wallet which had my protection given to me by the spiritualist which i had placed in a side pocket and glued shut ripped open..this was my first real concrete evidence that my brother and sister..possibly my mother was looked as if knowing my love for my nephew would be a lure for me to return..after about 6 months of me visiting them my energy started getting worse again..though it had not completely vanished  and people were still conspiring against me things were improving and their lies/gossip about me was beginning to wear thin where people could actually see they were lying where as before no one could..i had caught my sister bad mouthing me to my little nieces on several occasions but it came to a head last christmas trying to turn my youngest niece against me and had enough of all the negativity and toxticity of being around them so walked away and told them i’d never want them near me again..the funny thing is my father gets along with them and i’m his only son with my mum which made me realise all along this was some conspiracy to do with money and greed..because in some way they felt if they denied me success in life it would come to them..ironically that has been the problem with everyone who’s tried to use the craft against me..its always been to stop me from earning a living or making money with jealousy being the root cause..this has meant i’ve never been able to ever hold a job..people conspire to force me to quit..the longest i’ve worked for is about 6months my whole life..though to be honest i’m an artist a songwriter who wants to be selfemployed..but even with the help of the spiritualists its always been a case of 1 step forward 3backwards..and being the kind of guy i am i can’t even dream of let alone settle down in a relationship this way..and i want a family of my own..time is running out for i need to fight fire with fire and reclaim my right to my life happiness and existence and do what ever it takes for these people to leave me alone and let me be…so i can rebuild the rest of mylife and find some kind of peace happiness and normality..cos i’ve never known was led to the path i believe by god and his angels to take matters into my own hands..and i’ve started by spiritual bath cleansing and protection rituals to rid me of what my family tried to put on me after i returned

..i did a reversal money spell and love spell over the weekend and though the love spell i think went well and both candles burned strongly the money spell left double scorpion wax formations at the back the (spirtual side)so i knew and felt it wasn’t succesful..

..Ed..bro sorry if this message was so long..i couldn’t explain it with out letting you know the details..i’m in a war bro..a battle and i refuse to lose..i’ve been a victim too long and now i think finally the universe.our ancestors spirit guides angels and god have heard my cries and tears and are ready to aid in me hopefully in matter what happens bro its either my life or theirs they’ve made it that way..naturally i don’t want anything other then karma for them to taste the dirt they give..but if it comes to it i’ve been through too much in life not to make this stand….much love and god bless..always…ern..

OK I read your email and I have a prescription for you cause I think that you’ve ordered far too many washes and you don’t need that many.  I’ve sent you the strongest one so you can  dilute the wash in a bucket before hand and pour water over your head from a cup while you’re standing in the bath or shower. Naturally you’re visualizing everything being removed from your body and soul. When you get out of the bath you do not wipe yourself with a towel, but you leave yourself drip drying almost.
Make sure you take the hyssop bath wash every week. If you say prayers with your spiritual work the best prayers to say a number is 53, 54, and 55, followed by 70.
 Because you need to remove all this bad energy and demon style spirit  around you, I’m sending you the cedar wood oil.  To use this, you visualize the negative entities and energy in your life, even from the shit your mother threw at you before you were born, and you see the oil as creating a barrier between you and all the toxic past. You could also wear these oil on your body on your key areas of your choosing. Many clients have had great success with these oil alone.
Plus to be honest these glass candles are very expensive to send overseas, because its 2 pounds each candle!  That meant that your shipping fees went up to nearly $90 if I was to send you the candles with the order.
 To attract more success into your life in every way, meaning in love and in money, the prayers to say when you’re doing the work of 57, 65, and 98. When you’re taking a spiritual bath you do so with John the conqueror. You would also wash the floors in your house with this wash when you finish the bath.
Starting now you should be putting salt water bowls in the corners of your house anyway to observed negative energy. This is something you can do right now while you’re waiting for this order to be shipped.

You should also do something like adding protection with iron to your premises. You could even nail railway spikes into your grass, And if that’s not possible you should hang a iron horse shoe upside down at your door, to turn away any negativity.The angelica root is to turn back any spells to sorcerers.  To use this I suggest that you rise early on a Saturday morning, that’s when you’re under the influence of the planet Saturn, take some root in each hand, hold it tight in the fist and recite the whole holy trinity prayer

“Holy Trinity, punish him who has done this evil and take him from us by the great justice, that the sorcerer or sorcerers may be demolished and we be safe. Amen.

Then throw the root outside your door in the direction of the enemy’s whereabouts if you know him. Otherwise cast in a southerly direction.

If you have not yet made an altar, now is the time to do so. If you already have an altar, consider dedicating a portion of it to money drawing, or setting up a separate altar for money work. You will want a Lodestone and Magnetic Sand, as well as money attracting and drawing oil, incense, and sachet powder.

In addition to the Lodestone, procure an item to symbolize financial stability eg a money bank, Chinese money statues etc., green paper or money-printed cloth, statuary, candles, candle holders,  an incense burner, real and artificial coins and paper money, Pyrite, a Sand Dollar shell, gold and green confetti — anything to remind you of money.

Our client ordered:

Hyssop bath oil

8oz John the Conqueror (Juan el Conquistador) wash

Get What You Want Ritual Kit

New Beginnings Boxed Ritual Kit

Lodestone Food (MAGNETIC SAND)


Angelica Root cut (Angelica archangelica)

Cedarwood Oil – 1oz

8oz Fast Money Blessing (Bendicion de Dinero Rapido) wash

Money Drawing Oil

1/2″ Gold Chime Candle 20 pack





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