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“Shut Up Candle”

We all have that person in our life at some point of time. Some raggedy ass gossiper, who wants to cause trouble cause their life is boring. Sometimes, because of a variety of reasons, you’re not able to take care of the matter face-to-face, or even civilly.

This is where you take control of the matter spiritually!

Gossip is powerful enough to create a lot of problems for an individual. People can lose their jobs, people can lose the respect of their friends and family, and people can lose their relationships and marriages. So this is serious business.

Unfortunately we live in a world that loves gossip. When a lie is said about a person,  other people typically believe the lie to be true !

The shut up candle is used exactly for this reason.

The shut your mouth candle can be red, blue and black, or red and black.

Working this candle

Dress the candle with jinx removing oil, and you can also add a little bit of slippery elm in the candle as well.

Petition. On the petition you can write the name of the person who is doing the gossiping.

Meditate and establish a psychic link between the candle and yourself.

Tip: You can burn it in conjunction with a Saint Ramon candle for stopping gossip.

If you like to pray with the Psalms, the prayers that you will use our number 47, so you can be liked by people around you, and some number two and 31 for the gossip to be stopped.

Spiritual bath: on a Wednesday night, I would take a spiritual bath made from the slippery Elm bark and some five finger grass. I choose Wednesday night because in witchcraft it’s a night for utilizing the energy from the planet mercury, where we can influence the mind of others.

Your petition could be:

To you (name of the person) or any other person who tries to harass, harm, or impair me through rumors or gossip, I will instantly cover and recover your mouth. Then I will cover and recover the ears for those you speak to. Finally, if you continue to bother me with evil tongues I will destroy your character to those around you.

The prayer on the back of the candle reads (sic)

“For all who try to harass me or hold me through rumors or gossip, I will constantly cover their mouth,So that they nor any other person will not continue to bother with his evil tongues”

Naturally I suggest that you modify this to read more fluently for you.

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Source: Black Magic Witch – Stop Gossip

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