How to Choose Candles for Ritual Purposes

Candles are one of the necessary items needed to carry out a ritual. They come in different shapes, colors, sizes and symbolize protection against negative energies. In every ritual, the shape and color of the candle used is dependent on the purpose of the ritual.

You might have heard about dressing and anointing candles and probably wondered what the hell that is!!!!
We anoint the candles to use them in the rituals. Why? You bought it in a store where it has been handled by different kinds of people and different energies were deposited into it. So you have to clean and consecrate them before use.

How do you dress a candle?

Dressing a candle is very easy. It is done by taking a little oil and spreading around the ends of the candle. First, locate the middle point of the candle, then with some drops of oil on your thumb, rub the oil from the center to the wick (positive part), then from the center to the base (negative part).

Precautions to take while using candles in rituals

  1. ·In rituals with candles the color of candles to be used is dependent on the purpose of the ritual.
  2. ·If you do not have candles of a specific color you can use a white candle, because it contains all the colors.
  3. ·It is very convenient also when making a ritual to take into account the phases of the Moon.
  4. ·Do not use the same candle for different invocations; once ignited for a specific intention, it should be consumed completely for the same purpose.
  5. ·Candles should be lit with a match stick preferably.
  6. ·Do not turn off by blowing as it would disperse the concentrated energy or by compressing the wick with your fingers instead use a metal candle quencher.
  7. ·When you turn them off, also give thanks aloud.
  8. ·It is important to let the candles burn completely, this will give a sense of fulfillment and closure of the ritual or ceremony.

Different Colors of Candles and Their Uses

YELLOW: It symbolizes order, logic and common sense.
·For spells related to trust, attraction, persuasion, devotion and happiness. .
·It brings good luck, favors spiritual and platonic love.

BLACK: Symbolizes death, dullness, evil, etc.
·Meditation rituals, spell work, ritual spoilers, etc
·Disperse negative energies to target.
·Used to eliminate evil entities and send it back to the sender.

·It is an unlocking candle that drives economic development and peace.
·For astral projection and spells to induce prophetic dreams.
·For magic that implies honor, loyalty, peace, tranquility, truth, wisdom, protection during sleep.
·They are used for magic related to love, friendship, health, protection, money, peace, etc.

GOLD: This symbolizes wealth.
·For prosperity rituals that attract sales in business and money.
·For spells to attract the cosmic power and ritual forces, in honor of the solar divinities.

·It grants fervent desires and prevents adverse situations or difficult requests in your favor.

·It is another candle used for prosperity, gambling, healing and health.
·Used for fertility, success, good luck, prosperity, money and rituals to fight against greed and jealousy.

·Promotes sexual activity and material love.
·It is used to get energy to fight against rivals.
·For spells that stimulate energy and provide mental clarity.
·Spells related to solar power.
·Reduces depression.

·For psychic manifestations, wisdom and greatness of the human soul
·For spells on success, independence, protection and healings.
·Contact with the world of spirits.

·Spells that imply sexual passion, love, lust, health, physical strength, revenge, anger, courage and magnetism.
·It can help the depressed, sad and melancholy patients to get out of that state.

·To locate a lost friend, item or pets.
·Improve power of concentration and telepathy .
·Protection of relatives and pets.
·To get good customers, increase sales and protect ones business .

SILVER: Represents the goddess, prosperity, stability, etc.
·Used for spells to eliminate negativity and clean up bad vibrations.
·It stimulates the stability and attracts the beneficial influences of the Goddess.

WHITE: It symbolizes purity, inspiration, faith, truth, etc.
·Used for rituals of consecration, protection, exorcism meditation, divination, peace and spiritual strength spells.
·This can be used to replace the other colors.

·Spells to neutralize the influences that could be negative.

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