How to Prepare a Mojo Bag

A magic bag or “mojo” is a small bag sewn or tied with fabric or leather. It is also known as a gris gris bag. This bag often contains various elements used for specific reasons such as; to obtain employment, attract love, luck, money, protection, peace and family union, or to take revenge on an enemy or eliminate negative things.

The bag must be sewn to take the natural bag format but if you do not know how to sew, you can make a square of fabric where the pieces are folded as if it were a package.

 Components of a Mojo Bag

You can make your mojo bag with any fabric and color depending on its magical symbolism although in traditional Hoodoo magic, a red flannel fabric was used.

The gris gris bag often contains many items but note that it must always contain odd number of elements: at least 3 and not more than 13 components.

Some common constituents of a mojo bag include;  roots, dirt, herbs, coins, seashells, broken trinkets or jewelry, a dollar bill, pennies, candle wax, locks of hair, old keys, leaves, animals parts or human body parts such as hair, saliva or nail clippings.

Mojo bags are to be prepared on specific days following the guidelines of magic with candles and the purpose of the bag.  For example, if the bag is to attract wealth, you can prepare it on Thursdays and if it is for protection you can prepare on Saturdays.

Mojo Bag Consecration:

Once the bag has been made with the chosen color and purpose, it must be charged or consecrated.  For this purpose it is advisable to hold the bag between the two hands in a prayer position and pray over it, while meditating and visualizing the results of your requests.

Once the bag has been loaded, it must be “sealed”, which is usually done by spraying it with an essential oil related to the desire or by passing it through the smoke of incense and flame of a candle.

Before the bag is sealed you should charge it with your energy. You can do this by exhaling or spitting into the bag.  You can carry out both actions too. Never let another person touch your gris gris bag. If another person touches it, it is believed that he directly kills its power.

While preparing the bag if you wish to attract money or increase luck in a game, you can use a green fabric, add a mold or a pair of dice, jade or aventurine stone, orchid leaves, comfrey, rue, cinnamon oil, 3 bay leaves, a sprig of rosemary and a crocodile tooth.

If you want to protect yourself from bad energies you should create a black or velvet mojo bag with the following ingredients: a hematite stone, a quartz crystal, an onyx and tiger’s eye, a miniature skull and a broken chain.

Feeding the Mojo Bag

According to folklore, a mojo bag is supposed to be fed on a daily or weekly basis. This is because the bags contents are considered as living entities so for them to continuously stay alive the owner is expected to feed them.  A bag of amulets is “fed” by spraying it with more oil, moistening it with whiskey and spraying it with your cologne or favorite perfume.

About getting a gris gris bag, it is ideal for each person to make their bag, but if that is not possible you can find them in specialized esoteric stores. You can also order from online stores.

How to Dispose a Mojo Bag

After the spell has worked the bag can be eliminated by burying it under your house soil or far away from your home. Bury it with all its contents because there is a belief that says the spell will stop working or you will lose what you got if you remove one or more of the bag’s components.

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