Oba Obatala: The King of All

Obatala is the father of all children on earth and he rules all parts of the human body, mainly the head, thoughts and human life. He is the son of Olofin and Olodumare who loves everything that is white in color but at the same time he likes dark places. He is married to the goddess of oceans, Yamaya.

Obatala is the father of all orishas and the owner of all ori. According to the traditions of Ife, Obatala, the second son of Olodumare served as king of Ife during the classical period. Unfortunately, during the 12th century CE he lost his throne to the lineage of his rival Oduduwa.


Characteristics of Obatala

Number: 8

Feast Day: September 24th

Astrology: Libra

Tarot: Justice, the Emperor

Chakra: Crown Chakra

Colors: White

Gemstones: Quartz crystal, howlite, chalcedony, lead crystal, diamonds, ivory, etc.

Symbol of Power: The power scepter called opa, a silver bracelet, an iruke.

Favorite animals: Snail, pigeon, elephants, egrets, blue herons, guinea, white hen.

Food offerings:  White rice, meringue tower, milk custard, four liters of milk in a cup on white plates, rice with milk powder in 8 white dishes, unsalted rice with milk and cocoa butter, pumpkins white, etc.

Locations: Mountains, hills and other high places.

Catholic Syncretism: Our Lady of Mercy and Jesus Of Nazareth.

Areas of Influence: Knowledge, leadership, geology, people with special needs, fatherhood, military, justice and the legal system.

Appearance: He is portrayed as an older man in white robes holding a staff or torch.

Obatala dislikes:

Obatalá does not enjoy alcoholic beverages, crab, beans or any food cooked with salt. He does not allow anyone to undress in his presence and punishes any child that is disrespectful to elders.

Obatala’s children

They are intellectual, respectful, slow to anger, make right decisions and hold themselves on high standards. They judge rightly and always stand for the truth.

Praise Names:

  • Oluwa Aye – Lord of the Earth.
  • Baba Arugbo – Old Master or Father.
  • Alabalashe – He who has divine authority.
  • Baba Araye – Master or Father of all human beings.
  • Obatala Oba Tasha, Oba takun takun lóde Ọ̀run – The great king in Heaven.
  • Orishanla (also spelled Orishainla or Oshanla) – The arch divinity.


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Obatala Festival and Dance

During the Feast of Obatala that is usually held on September 24th, the worshippers dance in white costumes, offer snails, coconut milk, white pumpkin, and burn incense to this god.

The offerings are presented on a white cloth and white covering. Also he prefers his offering to be made on Sundays. His altar should be decorated with a sacred crown or dove-handled bell.

You can place a 7 Day Obatala Orisha candle or a white peace candle on his shrine. Then anoint the candle with justice or good luck oil before commencing the ritual. Added to the other offerings, Obatala loves to be offered silver and ivory.


Do you have any challenging situation that you can’t handle on your own? Call on Father Obatala to assist you. To those who worship him, he is merciful and offers justice, renewal and a new beginning. He finds clarity and pureness of thought by connecting to nature without distractions.



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