Spells to Attract Customers to Your Business

The reason why people start up business is to have customers and make profit. While there are those who make excessive profits, there are others who struggle for many years without making good profit because they lack customers.

There are different spells to cast in order to attract customers to your business.  Let us look at some examples.


Ritual One

This should be done during the early hours of Mondays or Thursdays.


  • Orange juice
  • Salt
  • An incense
  • A glass jar.



  1. Light the incense 15 minutes before starting the ritual.
  2. Pour the orange juice into the glass jar, add salt and then say the following phrase:

“Spirits of the divine nature,

Grant me good luck in my work and increase my clients

So that I (say your name) can enjoy a happy economic prosperity.

So be it”

3. Sprinkle the orange juice on different corners of your workplace.


Ritual Two

Carry out this ritual during the new moon, which leads to the full moon. Also, it can be done on any day before full moon.

Items Required:

  • A pen or pencil
  • Red Ribbon
  • Your business card
  • Chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil
  • A bottle or jar with lid
  • Honey
  • An image of a bee (symbol of prosperity)


  • Draw a bee on the back of the business card.
  • Fold it up like a card and attach it using the red tape.
  • Put the card into the jar.
  • Add the chocolate coin into the jar and fill with honey.
  • Cover this and put it in the freezer.
  • Meditate on your desire and believe that everything will work out accordingly.


Ritual Three

Items Required:

  • A coin.
  • Coarse salt.
  • Yellow candle
  • A table and a white tablecloth.
  • Cloth bag
  • White sheet of paper.
  • Black ink ball pen.
  • Glass cup.



  • Write your full name on the white sheet.
  • Dress the table with the white table cloth
  • Place the candle on the table and light it.
  • Insert the coin into the glass, add salt and fill it halfway with water.
  • Visualize the number of clients you wish to attract and recite:

“Just as I bless this coin with the magical properties of salt,

In the same way it will help me multiply my clients.”

  • Place the glass in the garden or in any open air space in your house for one day.
  • On the next day, light the candle then take out the coin and put it into the cloth bag.
  • Take the cloth bag between your hands and issue the following sentence:

“Saint Matthew, it is you I send my supplication to.

I humbly ask you to open up new paths for my work, Increase my clients and bless my business.

So be it”.


  • Keep the cloth bag with you until the ritual takes effect.

Spells for beginners are sometimes marred by inexperience and low energy levels.  If you are unable to cast these spells to attract customers then we are here to assist you. You can order for our services online.


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